OsirisSC2Guide.com Releases New Starcraft 2 Unit Counter Guides

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The popular Starcraft 2 strategy website, OsirisSC2guide.com, has just released a variety of new unit counter guides. More details at http://www.osirissc2guide.com.

OsirisSC2guide.com has just released a major update including the release of half a dozen unit counter guides. These new guides are fully fleshed out with text strategies and video content and provide players with straightforward and easy to replicate methods for countering tough enemy units.

While the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg unit counter charts have long been the most popular section of the site, the small amount of information that can be conveyed through a table has long been a source of confusion for site users.

An example of this is the Ultralisk unit counter. The chart mentions that the Marauder is a good counter to the Ultralisk, which it is, but only when used in a certain way. If a player allows the Marauders to auto-attack the Ultralisk, the Marauders get crushed. However, if the player uses good stutter-step micro when engaging the Ultralisks, it is a landslide victory for the Marauders. The old unit counter tables at OsirisSC2Guide.com could not easily convey this information, while the new unit-specific pages contain video walkthroughs demonstrating exactly how to control each unit counter in-game.

These new pages provide in-depth unit counters for specific units that players often struggle with defeating. For example, the page on the Marine counter provides anywhere from five to eight unit counters for each race to use when going up against large quantities of Marines. The creator of the website ,who goes by the moniker Osiris, expects to add a total of 20 unit counter guides by the end of the month, so players are encouraged to check back regularly for updates.

About Osiris SC2 Guide

OsirisSC2guide.com is a leading resource for all things Starcraft 2. The website specializes in Starcraft 2 strategies and build orders, providing strategies in an attempt to help players improve their skill and ultimately their ladder rank.

For more strategies and Starcraft 2 updates, visit Osiris' SC2 Guide at http://www.osirissc2guide.com/.

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