Halbert Wealth Management Announces Upcoming Investment Webinar

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Live webinar to discuss a long/short strategy for today's market.

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The goal [of the Growth S&P Plus Program] is to capitalize on short-term market movements and then retreat to the safety of cash.

Gary D. Halbert, founder and CEO of Halbert Wealth Management, Inc., announces the latest in a series of informative webinars for those seeking answers about the markets and investments. This latest presentation will focus on a way to potentially capitalize on stock market volatility using a quantitative long/short investment strategy. The free event will be held at 2:00 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, August 22nd.

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Emotions are often the enemy of a sound trading strategy, especially during today’s uncertain market environment. Wild up and down swings in the stock market have left many investors on the sidelines, afraid that the market will move against them as soon as they invest. Yet, sophisticated investors know that market volatility can actually present trading opportunities if you can find the right trading strategy.

The Scotia Growth S&P Plus Strategy, a part of HWM's AdvisorLink® family of active management investment programs, represents one such strategy. This trading model was developed by Scotia Partners’ founder and portfolio manager, Clifford J. (“Cliff”) Montgomery, CFA. It is a 100% mechanical strategy that takes emotions out of trading decisions. Scotia’s model has the potential to make money in both up and down market cycles through the use of specialized long and inverse mutual funds that track the daily performance of the S&P 500 Index on a 2x leveraged basis.

Halbert notes, “Many stock market analysts are calling for a major correction in the near future, especially as the Federal Reserve plans to reduce its policy of quantitative easing. Yet strategies that only short the market could post major losses until a correction happens, if it ever does. Scotia’s strategy offers the best of both worlds in that it has the potential to benefit in both bull and bear markets.”

About Scotia Partners, LLC: Scotia was founded in 2006 by Cliff Montgomery, CFA. Having spent most of his working career in the financial services industry, Cliff noticed how some active money managers were often “whipsawed” by market action, especially during periods of high price volatility. Cliff reasoned that there should be some way to build a trading model that would issue signals only on days with the greatest probability for success. The result was the Growth S&P Plus Strategy, an approach to the stock market that has the potential to benefit from high volatility rather than being victimized by it.

Cliff comments, “The Growth S&P Plus strategy is only exposed to the market an average of 40% of the time, spending the remaining 60% in the safety of a money market fund. The goal is to capitalize on short-term market movements and then retreat to the safety of cash.”

Due to the use of leverage and long/short stock market exposure, the Growth S&P Plus Strategy is generally suitable only for an aggressive allocation in a diversified portfolio. For sophisticated investors who want a leveraged long/short exposure to the market with the potential to profit no matter which way prices move in the future, Scotia may be the answer.

To learn more about Scotia and its Growth S&P Plus Strategy, please visit: http://www.halbertwealth.com/advisorlink/scotia.php.

About Halbert Wealth Management, Inc.: HWM is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in Austin, Texas. HWM’s underlying investment philosophy is that individual investors should be able to enjoy the same advantages as large, institutional investors like foundations, endowments and pension funds. These sophisticated investors recognize the need to diversify into alternative strategies that actively manage assets rather than simply buying and holding.

Since 1995, HWM has offered clients access to a wide spectrum of specialized money managers that employ a variety of active management strategies. Many of these money managers are smaller, boutique firms that might never gain investor visibility if not for being included in HWM’s flagship AdvisorLink® Program.

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