Researchers Prepare Food Designed for Deep Space Missions; Food4Patriots Eyes Other Customers for Food with Long Shelf Life

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After four months in a dome in Hawaii, researchers have emerged with menu ideas for non-perishable food that astronauts could eat during trips to Mars and in deep space. Food4Patriots recommends that everyone store non-perishable food for a crisis.

Astronauts aren’t the only people who can benefit from nutritious food that is freeze-dried or dehydrated.

According to ABC News and other media outlets, six researchers spent the past four months living in a small dome on a barren Hawaii lava field in an effort to determine what types of food astronauts might eat on Mars and deep space missions.

The NASA-funded study involved the preparation of meals in a kitchen from a list of dehydrated, non-perishable, preserved foods. The exercise was designed to help astronauts combat not only malnourishment, but also food boredom. Researchers said they were impressed by how similar the food tasted to fresh food.

Of course, astronauts aren’t the only people who can benefit from nutritious food that is freeze-dried or dehydrated. There may come a time, due to an unforeseen crisis, when this type of food is the only kind that is available.

Food4Patriots, the supplier of emergency food suitable for long-term storage, survival and emergency preparedness, believes that an unanticipated disaster could result in food shortages, higher food prices and poorer food quality.

The company launched a product line in July that includes 72-hour, four-week and three-month emergency food kits, selling more than 500,000 adult-sized servings of Food4Patriots survival food to concerned patriots within the first few weeks.

Natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have proven that people need to have plenty of food and water stockpiled for long-term emergencies, while tornados, wildfires, floods and other crises have illustrated that people also need short-term supplies of food and water.

The food in these emergency kits can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and require nothing more than boiling water. They’re kept in easy-to-store Mylar pouches, which keep out air, moisture and light. Shelf lives are up to 25 years.

Food4Patriots recommends stocking up on healthy foods that will carry people through an unanticipated crisis that could result in higher food prices, food shortages and poorer food quality. Among the nutritious foods that are part of the Food4Patriots’ 72-hour, four-week and three-month emergency kits are:

  •     Mountain Man Granola
  •     Apple Orchard Oatmeal
  •     Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup
  •     Blue Ribbon Cheesy Chicken Rice
  •     Ol’ 49ers Hearty Chili
  •     Creamy Beef Stroganoff
  •     Frank’s Five-Star Minestrone.

Those who order one of the Food4Patriots Emergency Kits will also receive four reports: “Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis,” “The Water Survival Guide,” “The Survival Garden Guide” and “How to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half.”

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