Unique Renewable Hydrocarbon Technology Independent of Geo Political Conflicts

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Advanced Plasma Industries Inc., the world’s energy users need not be held hostage any longer and can determine their energy future for a low-cost, stable, abundant alternative hydrocarbon product, separate from unstable Middle East and other Geo-political areas causing disruption, increased security cost, and where potential hydrocarbon fuel market prices swing wildly due to hostile religious and ethnic conflicts.

Imagine a safe, clean and abundant Renewable Energy that will be produced locally, right where it is needed, in form of pure monatomic hydrogen & clean petroleum fuel. Every country, county, city, town, village, and industrial plant can have its own independent power production.

Hydrogen fuel cells for example are emerging as key players in the clean energy landscape of the future. It will now take a lot less energy to produce the rare atomic hydrogen 1H with the preferred feedstock source, Sea Water, a reliable, and abundant global resource available to most countries in the world.

The new technology will be called Electro Magnetically Coupled – Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) developed by Advanced Plasma Industries Inc. and can dissociate Sea Water into Monatomic hydrogen (1H = 3.5 times the energy of common every day di-hydrogen H2).

The Thomas Hydrocarbon process then re-associates Monatomic Hydrogen and Carbon elements produced from Seawater to manufacture synthetic hydrocarbons like kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and lubricating oil at prices well below current market prices.

API’s Electro Magnetically Coupled – Atomic Mass Filtering (ECP-AMF) uses solar, wind, hydroelectric, or nuclear energy input to power the process. ECP-AMF produces renewable ready to use fuels, thereby, having a huge impact on energy markets by providing a path to cost-competitive clean fuels needed for combustion engines, jet fuels, fuel cells, and power plants.

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