Hydro Med Announces: Snoring Due to Allergy Should be Stopped Early

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Snoring can lead to poor sleep, fatigue, Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD) and Obstructive Sleep (OSA.) says Dr. Grossan.

Snoring can cause serious complications. The more you snore, the more you have snoring. When snoring is due to allergy, the cure is often simple.

In his new book, “Snoring? The Sooner You Stop it, the Better,” Dr. Grossan explains why snoring due to allergy can lead to serious complications.

Dr. Grossan explains that when allergy is the cause of snoring, it is simple to correct. The reason to treat snoring early is that when snoring continues, it can amplify and get worse, like a circle.

“Some snoring problems are due to facial and nasal structure. However, if it is the tree pollen or other allergy, clearing the snoring can be as simple as an allergy pill,” writes Dr Grossan .

For example, a patient starts snoring when tree pollen season begins in the spring. Then his nasal tissues swell. Air has difficulty getting past the narrowed airway. Like a flute or horn, this causes a loud sound. The narrower the nasal airway, the more the snoring noise.

The same tree allergy may affect the throat tissues causing them to swell. The pollen symptoms may impair nasal cilia that move pollen out of the nose resulting in postnasal drip enlarging throat tissues.
    On examination, the nasal membranes are pale and swollen, and the throat tissues appear puffy.


In the book, Dr Grossan explains: Snoring creates a vicious circle:

  •     With snoring there is poor sleep.
  •     Next morning there is fatigue, so there is overeating for energy.
  •     This results in extra fat that enlarges the throat tissue and adds to the nocturnal airway blockage.
  •     With this blockage at night, as you try to pull more air into the lungs, you create a negative pressure on the stomach contents that pulls acid up into the throat.
  •     That acid irritates the throat and causes more obstruction to breathing at night.
  •     This results in more poor sleep
  •     Next day, with fatigue, there is more need for energy, and more sweets.
  •     Then the snoring is amplified.

This is why it is important to stop the snoring early before it can get a permanent foothold. In severe snoring, the blood pressure may become elevated in order to get more oxygen to the brain; the normal sphincter that closes off acid from the stomach, may no longer prevent acid reflux.


    When allergy is the cause of snoring, treatments with antihistamine, or corticosteroid spray or allergy desensitization are often effective. When the nasal blockage is a primary factor, correcting this with pulsatile irrigation has several advantages:
    The massage action milks away swollen tissues of the nose; the open nose stops snoring.
    The pulsatile irrigation stimulates nasal cilia to move pollen and bacteria out of the nose, further reducing blockage.
    Where throat tissues are swollen, the throat attachment to the Hydro Pulse® irrigator uses the pulse wave action to massage away swollen tissue in order to prevent permanent changes.


The primary theme of Dr Grossan’s book, “The Sooner You Stop Snoring the Better” is that , whether the snoring is due to tree, grass or weed pollen, by clearing it early, you can avoid the circle of the more you snore, the worse you snoring becomes. It is best to stop this circle and avoid those unwanted sequels.

The book, “The Sooner You Stop Snoring the Better” is available at Hydro Med Inc.

Other works by Doctor Grossan include:
“Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Symptoms – Permanently”

Dr Grossan’s blog is at http://www.grossaninstitute.com

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