5,000 People Have Tried and Failed. Can You Hack Karacell, Tigerspike's Mobile Encryption Technology, for US$10,000?

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Tigerspike is that committed to driving security and efficiencies they are challenging the cryptographic and mathematical community to hack the cutting-edge encryption technology. Tigerspike’s patented quantum resistant mobile encryption technology, Karacell, will transform how organisations and individuals can keep their mobile data safe on personal technology devices.

Tigerspike, Unlock the Power of Personal Media

Tigerspike, Unlock the Power of Personal Media

We are committed to providing ground-breaking, robust technology for our clients so they can be assured that their confidential data is secure” states Dr Stuart Christmas, Head of Future Technologies at Tigerspike.

Government communications, credit card details, medical records and devices are increasingly proven to be accessible to ‘hackers’. Recently passed Jack Barnaby, was a renowned hacker who continued to highlight the weaknesses of technology devices such as heart implants and urged companies to get ‘meaningful security'. If anyone can hack car braking systems and pace makers we need a new type of security encryption - and we think Tigerspike's patented Karacell is it.

Karacell is the new quantum-resistant mobile encryption technology, which greatly improves mobile security, speed and has much lower power requirements making it ideal for small medical devices (and mobile of course). It's new but its highly secure - even after 5,000 compiles of the competition encryption source code to date, the prize money of US$10,000 remains unclaimed and Tigerspike want to give the community a 2nd chance to see if they can crack it.

“Over the past 10 years we have been developing technologies that provide security for online and mobile solutions. We are committed to providing ground-breaking, robust technology for our clients so they can be assured that their confidential data is secure.” states Dr Stuart Christmas, Head of Future Technologies at Tigerspike.

Karacell’s key differentiating features include:

  •     Very fast bitwise parallel operation
  •     Extremely low latency so ideal for live streaming voice and video traffic
  •     Speed and efficiently scales exponentially with technology advancements
  •     Resistant to attack by Quantum Computers
  •     Strength does not depend on key length (beyond brute-force attacks) or on the file being encrypted (no feedback modes)
  •     Efficient in both hardware and software
  •     Very small footprint (small executable code)
  •     Based on a known and well-studied unsolved mathematical problem
  •     Allows for military-strength encryption with keys of memorable length
  •     Includes built-in secure cryptographic hash more robust than industry standard SHA systems

“Karacell has gone through independent rigorous testing to prove it is faster and more efficient that existing standards and we have resolved the concern on mobile power drain.” adds Russell Leidich, Chief Information Scientist.

After ongoing performance optimisations and security enhancements Tigerspike continues to build our enterprise portfolio of secure Karacell products and is committed to developing technologies that help overcome organisations’ concerns.

For more details on how you can access the source code go to http://karacell.info/.

About Tigerspike
Tigerspike is a global Personal Media technology company, specialising in consulting, user experience and enterprise grade middleware. We believe that Personal Media has the power to transform the way we live and work.

Delivering large scale consumer and enterprise solutions across mobile, tablet and other Personal Media platforms, we enable our clients to form closer relationships with their customers, and implement working practices that support happier more productive workforces.

The Phoenix mBaaS platform combined with our enterprise grade engineering skills provides seamless integration between our custom products and company business processes. Our Kallide methodology enables us to produce consistently outstanding user experiences by enabling our software engineers to work in parallel with our user experience design teams.

Tigerspike’s clients include American Express, Westfield, Standard Chartered, The Economist, News Corporation, Shell, Suncorp, Woolworths, Emirates and Vodafone. From 2003 Tigerspike has been transforming businesses from our offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne by unlocking the power of Personal Media.

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