Queens' Homeowners Brace for Erratic Weather With Seasonal Roof Preparations

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Unpredictable weather conditions are forcing Queens' residents to embrace alternative roof preparations and treatments winter approaches. Diamond Construction faces the task of roof repair and maintenance as the seasons change, offering helpful tips about checking the stability and condition of roofs.

“If your roof is starting to lift in certain areas or has leaks, you may be in need of roof maintenance or repair services. We will take a closer look to determine which one is more suitable.” - John Kot, Owner of Diamond Construction

Throughout the year the roof of a building takes abuse from the elements, whether protecting families from the bitter winter weather or shielding them from the blistering summer sun. According to The Weather Channel, 2012 had the hottest summer on record. The winter weather forecasts for the upcoming months in 2013 are projected to be unusually frigid in the Northeast. There is nothing anyone can do to change the weather, however the proper maintenance and preparation of a roof could go a long way in saving energy and being comfortable no matter the season.

During the summer, electric fans and air conditioning units do a marvelous job of keeping people cool, but wreak havoc on electric and utility bills because of constant running and extra strain on your system. Kristopher Settle, a writer for The Energy Collective, recently described a growing new procedure in New York City that can permanently save homeowners money when it comes to cooling costs during the summer. Settle outlines this method as coating a roof in a specialized material in order to reflect the heat from the sun in order to maintain a roof temperature that is 50-60 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, reducing much of the need for constant air conditioning and fans.

While this trend of roof coating is just catching on, there are many more conventional methods for repairing a roof for any weather. During the summer, it is recommended that homeowners inspect their roofs for debris, raised shingles, fungal growth or obvious deterioration on the outside as well as from within the attic. The roof of any building is only providing an effective barrier as long as there are no leaks, holes, rips, or signs that water is finding its way in. If the vents are stuffed or clogged, they need to be attended to in order for the house to “breathe” normally. Obvious signs of disrepair, such as sagging or mold, are a surefire way to tell that the roof requires maintenance.

Diamond Construction is a company of roofing contractors in Queens that have helped customers for many years deal with how the changing weather impacts a roof. With unpredictable storms and changing temperature making things erratic for homeowners across the Northeast, knowledge for taking steps towards preserving and prolonging the lifespan of a roof is invaluable. Equipped with 20 years of experience in the field of roof repair, installation, and maintenance, the workers at Diamond Construction offer insights that can make a large impact on this process.

Some simple steps to take in prolonging the life of a roof include inspecting the flashing, eaves, and chimney for obvious signs of wear and tear. After the recent summer storms, it would also be a good idea to make sure that gutters and spillways are clear of buildup. By becoming a more proactive homeowner, seasonal roof maintenance is easier and costly repairs down the road can be avoided. After snowfall, inspect the inside of the roof for buckling, dripping, drafts, and problems with the flashing. Any of these indicators can spell disaster for your roof. It is always recommended to get a roof professionally inspected, especially if it is older than 20 years old.

Diamond Construction is a family owned and operated company with generations of experience preparing and maintaining roofs for the changing seasons.

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