5 Ways Background Checks Help You Avoid Major Problems

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Background Check Solutions explains how background checks save you time, money, and keep you safe.

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Thinking of hiring a new employee or inviting someone to live in one of your properties? Be careful. Your business and your property are more than important; they’re your life. That’s why it’s crucial to protect them as you would your own children. One slip up, i.e. hiring the wrong person or allowing the wrong person to rent from you, could ruin everything.

Would you let just anyone come into your house and watch your children for you? Of course not. Usually, they are either a friend of the family or actual family. With that being said, why would you choose to go blindly into welcoming people into other aspects of your life such as your business or your properties? We’ve all heard the horror stories where someone “seemed nice” in the beginning then turned into a complete monster a couple of months down the road. Why take the chance? Here are five ways background checks can help you avoid major problems.

1.    Save Time
The hiring and renting process can be very time-consuming. This is why many people make decisions on a hunch instead of conducting proper research on their candidate. Though they may have saved time in the beginning, they will spend a lot of time down the road if a problem arises. For example, if you hire or rent to someone quickly out of desperation and they then disrespect you or your property, you will not only have to go through the hiring/renting process again, but also have to make up for the time wasted on this individual. This takes a toll on your business/property because as we all know, time is money.

2.    Save Money
Conducting a background check seems like an unnecessary expense for some. A person’s first impression is everything, right? Incorrect. Many people will give you a sob story for past behavior, blame someone else, or flat out lie to get what they want. Therefore, to avoid losing tons of money down the road for wasted time, damaged property/screw ups/reputation, and even court fees in worst-case scenarios, conduct an extensive background check on each candidate. Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks. No matter how nice and sweet they seem. Remember, $100 now is nothing to $10,000 later in damages to property or business.

3.    Avoid Damage
Nothing says you’ve made the wrong choice for a candidate like receiving a call from the police. Whether it’s because your new employee was caught breaking into your place of business or burned your rental property to the ground, you now have a giant disaster to deal with. Do you have time to deal with that? Do you have time/money to rebuild your property or rebuild your business’ reputation after being ruined by a bad candidate?

4.    Avoid Danger
The facts don’t lie but people do. Some people choose to ignore what others put on employee/rental applications simply because they “like” the candidate. Say for example a candidate listed a felony from years ago on their application and then when asked to explain it, blames it on their young age at the time. This may be true, but you can be 100% sure they won’t harm you, your other employees, or your other tenants by conducting a full background check to ensure they don’t have any other recent criminal activity. Background checks are also crucial in helping weed out sex offenders. No one wants a convicted sexual deviant as a co-worker or neighbor.

5.    Avoid Court
As a small business owner, do you have the time/money to file suit against a former employee or tenant? Think about all the time you will spend with a lawyer instead of on your business or property. Not to mention the fees alone will kill you. How about instead of hiring someone questionable, go ahead and conduct the background check and give yourself peace of mind knowing you will not have to sue someone for not paying rent, damaging property, or stealing from your business.

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