SYNET Introduces iCLEBO, The Only Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Wi-Fi Enabled Capabilities, Smartphone Control and Unmatched Cleaning Results

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The iCLEBO Smart is the only robotic vacuum cleaner on the market to integrate Wi-Fi, complete access or control via Smartphone and a revolutionary “Camera Vision Mapping” unrivaled technology.

SYNET announced today that they released the highest rated, best performing robotic vacuum cleaner in the world, the iCLEBO (Models Smart, Arte or Pop).

Let’s say iCLEBO user, Mary forgot to schedule her iCLEBO to clean due to an unexpected late night out. Yet she is planning to entertain guests at her home the next day. Now, imagine having absolute full access of her robotic vacuum cleaner via her Smartphone from anywhere, anytime. How valuable would that function be? Gone for travel and want her house to be tidy by the time she gets home? She can now use her Smartphone to schedule a clean just before she arrive.

Access user's iCLEBO via Smartphone to turn her robotic vacuum cleaner ON/OFF, change settings, control functions, watch live viewing of the cleaning process and designate customized areas to be cleaned while having the ability to omit certain rooms or spaces according to user's preference.

iCLEBO provides consumers with five different useful operational modes in the form of the slimmest, lightest and most efficient robotic cleaner on the market today! It looks pretty darn cool too. Whether she is looking for convenient assistance with home labor or automated after hour office cleaning, iCLEBO is finally here to make our life extraordinarily comfortable.

For years, companies looked at ways to make life more convenient when it comes to home labor. However, the only area in home labor that can be solely handled by a machine is cleaning. iCLEBO performs by itself without any interruptions even when the home is vacant. We’re making chores smart, convenient and cool again!

iCLEBO has engineered the industry-first revolutionary “Camera Vision Mapping” technology that is utterly ground-breaking and newsworthy. Wi-Fi capabilities, Smartphone control and now the addition of this superior “Camera Vision Mapping” technology is the only reason why no other robotic vacuum cleaner besides the iCLEBO should ever be used again.

Precision in analyzing space is significantly vital for a robotic cleaner. Being capable of accurately determining how to cover surrounding areas with a multitude of obstacles in place should never be a challenge for a robot. iCLEBO has created perfection!

Through the use of its exclusive one-of-a-kind interface system known as “Camera Vision Mapping”, iCLEBO is the only robotic cleaner that is smart enough to literally generate a map of your home or office considering all barriers in play. How? Well, it continuously captures photos of the ceilings, walls and floor space in order to meticulously come up with the most efficiently effective game plan to clean every area of each room possible. Other products clean erratically and miss random areas that should have been cleaned. Regrettably, users end up having to inconveniently clean those missed spots manually with a vacuum. So if that’s the case, doesn’t it completely defeat the purpose of even owning a robotic cleaner?

" iCLEBO is the only product within the industry that fulfills its actual function. Proudly engineered and designed by the most sophisticated robotic manufacturer in the world, with more than 20 plus years of professional experience in the robotic technology business, iCLEBO is set to make news headlines when it hits the US Consumer Market" says Harry Rhim, CEO of SYNET , a distributor of iCLEBO products in the States "With their exceedingly innovative Camera Vision Mapping interface, the only smart choice in robotic vacuum cleaners is iCLEBO. Go smart, clean, convenient and green – iCLEBO has arrived! "

The iCLEBO series is manufactured by Yujin Robot, which was founded in 1988, they have the most advanced technology in the robotic industry around the world. Consistently creating dynamic products from toy robots to complex military robots, it is due to their professional passion and experience they make great products that their consumers love. Thanks to their outstanding knowledge in robotic technology, Yujin Robot currently supplies robotic technology to Phillips, creating tremendous buzz by consistently beating out foreign brands and larger competitors all across the world. iCLEBO is highly optimized for various environments and engineered by the greatest robot company in the world.

The iCLEBO is equipped with triple CPUs that work in sync to generate dynamic control, unparallel vision and superior power management. This advanced technology allows precision in analyzing space using the combination of its state-of-the-art navigation algorithm and vision mapping via camera recognition. Armed with more than 20 detection sensors, unlike its competitor products, iCLEBO enables confident cleaning with firm control.

The sensors detect the ambient environment 200 times per second, while the advanced navigation algorithm goes through a 10,800 times per second in-depth analysis. Its detailed camera vision mapping system described earlier, assures maximum space coverage and superior cleaning efficiency. iCLEBO never misses a spot that requires cleaning. Reliable, safe and effective!

Finally, iCLEBO was awarded the highest ratings amongst its competitors in performance cleaning. The IEC Sand (International Test Dust Sand) performance results for iCLEBO nearly doubled that of its competitor brands. The superior manufacturing results in a great product that consumers all the around the world would love to get their hands on. Select from three incredible and unique models: Smart, Arte or Pop – either product is a solid choice and smart investment. Quality beats quantity every day of the week and iCLEBO is simply, the best in the world at what it does!


Established in 2001, SYNET has continuously developed and introduced new technologies to become a leading supplier of advanced digital security and networking devices.. The company specializes in providing digital security solutions to help consumers to safeguard their hardware/software as well as digital data they possess. The company’s flagship product, iCLEBO is the industry-first robotic vacuum cleaner to integrate Wi-Fi, complete access and control via Smartphone and a revolutionary “Camera Vision Mapping” unrivaled technology.

For questions and information regarding iCLEBO or for general press inquiries, call toll free 1-888-372-8990, or Visit for more details.

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