Primus Cable Announces Top Bulk Cable Products for Businesses to Improve Networking

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Primus Cable announces its new and improved line of product UL Listed Indoor Product and its Outdoor Rated Improved Networking Product.

Primus Cable Announces Top Bulk Cable Products for Businesses to Improve Networking

Primus Cable Announces Top Bulk Cable Products for Businesses to Improve Networking

Primus Cable, a leading source of low voltage wire and cable products, has announced its improved line of quality commercial grade products. These high-quality network cables are engineered to help with network downtime, overall speed, performance, and reliability.

These bulk cables are available in both Category 5E (Cat5E) and Category 6 (Cat6) specifications. Cat5E cables are designed to handle network speeds up to 350 MHz while Cat6 standards accommodate up to 600 MHz. Additionally, Cat6 cables offer superior signal-to-noise ratio for current applications and can process faster network speeds for future applications.

Primus Cable’s Cat5E bulk cable products include:

  •     The Cat5E Plenum Cable for Networking (part no. C5UP-5041BL) has a UL rated CMP jacket that self-extinguishes in the event of a fire. Great for homes, offices, and buildings that require strict adherence to industry requirements. Each cable offers low attenuation and power-sum crosstalk capabilities. Available in several colors.
  •     The versatile Cat5E Ethernet Cable for Networking (part no. C5U-4743RB) is UL listed and sold in 1000’ spool, making it an excellent cable for indoor installations and upgrades. Additionally, this Cat5E cable tests up to 350 MHz. This product is available in several colors.
  •     Our UV-protected Cat5E Outdoor Cable (part no. C5CMX-414BK) features a UV-resistant cable jacket that is designed for outdoor above ground, aerial, or conduit applications. The jacket resists oil, UV-rays, and other environmental forces. These outdoor cables can handle 350 MHz high-speed outdoor applications and come in 1000’ pull boxes.
  •     The Shielded Cat5E Outdoor Cable with Waterblock Tape (part no. C5CMXT-416BK) features a water-resistant shield and is ideal for outdoor use. It also includes a drain wire for grounding and can handle 350 MHz high-speed data applications, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet data transmission.

Primus Cable’s choice of Cat6:

  •     The MIG+ Cat6 UTP Plenum Ethernet Cable for Networking (part no. C6UP-3224BL) is UL listed and part of the top-tier line of products. The cable design reduces electromagnetic interference and crosstalk with an interior isolation spline (pairs are kept separate). This Cat6 plenum cable features a FEP insulation that passes the highest level of fire rating for safety. Perfect for Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI applications. This product is available in several colors.
  •     The Cat6 Ethernet Cable for Networking (part no. C6U-5015RB), a popular choice for many businesses, has four pairs of easily identified color striping pairs. Plus, it is provided in a bigger payout to prevent snags, kinks, and tears.
  •     The UV-rated Cat6 Outdoor Cable (part no. C6CMX-2043) comes on a 100’ wooden spool. The cable design is for outdoor use; it is durable and made to withstand a harsh environment.
  •     For weather-resistant performance, the Shielded Cat6 outdoor Cable with Waterblock Tape (part no. C6CMXT-2045BK) boasts a rugged exterior jacket and aluminum foil shielding to maintain signal integrity, even over longer distances. This cable is specifically designed for direct burial applications. All outdoor cables can handle up to 600 MHz high-speed outdoor applications.

With UL Listed and ETL Verified Bulk Cable for any business, Primus Cable supplies high-quality network components at affordable prices. The company also offers a large selection of security, fiber, networking, and home A/V products.

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With decades of cumulative experience in the industry, Primus Cable is a leading supplier of wire, cable, keystone jacks and interconnection products, servicing the electrical, electronic, and communication industries. To learn more, call 951-824-1571.

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