Peel, Place, Trace - DENTCA’s New EZ-Tracer™ Makes Centric Relations Capture for Dentures Accurate, Simple and Repeatable for all Modern Dentistry.

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DENTCA's New EZ-Tracer™ takes a bite out of your mid-line crisis and makes CR Capture easy, convenient, and highly accurate for all denture and general dental procedures. The EZ-Tracer™ is expected to forever change the art and science of dentistry to help make dentures accessible to everyone in just two visits with convenient and portable tracing stickers that ensure accurate CR recording.

"The genius of this device is its simplicity,” says Sun Kwon, President and CEO. “With the EZ-Tracer, dentists no longer need any tracing material or even magic markers for capturing CR..."

DENTCA, Inc., the global leader and pioneer of CAD/CAM denture technology is excited to announce another revolutionary tool to change dentistry forever. DENTCA’s new EZ-Tracer™ was developed to greatly simplify and enhance the centric relation (CR) capture process which is essential to accurate denture design and delivery in the modern era.

DENTCA’s EZ-Tracers are sticker-based tracing sheets which can be placed on the flat cameo side of any maxillary DENTCA tray in a matter of seconds. Once the EZ-Tracer is attached to the maxillary tray, the attachable tracing pin on the mandibular DENTCA tray can trace jaw movements to capture accurate CR. Much like novelty tracing papers which can be erased by lifting the thin plastic film to trace again, EZ-Tracers can be easily erased and re-traced simply by lifting the plastic film. Virtually no setup time, costs, or materials are needed to trace and re-trace as needed with DENTCA’s EZ-Tracer and CAD/CAM tray system.

“DENTCA’s EZ-Tracers were developed by DENTCA’s R&D to help doctors easily capture CR using any type of tracing method, including gothic arch tracing, direct check bite, and simplified tracing. The genius of this device is its simplicity,” says Sun Kwon, President and CEO. “With the EZ-Tracer, dentists no longer need any tracing material or even magic markers for capturing CR. For doctors who travel out to the field to treat edentulous patients, the EZ-Tracer makes the entire process very mobile-friendly. All doctors need for accurately completing a denture case to be accurately delivered is: 1 DENTCA tray set, impression materials, a dental bur, surgical blade, and the new EZ-Tracer. All this can fit easily inside a dental handbag.”

Every dental practitioner knows that capturing accurate CR is essential to accurately modeling and delivering high quality final dentures. However, traditional gothic arch tracing procedures require setting up additional complex devices which are not only complicated to use correctly, but often require 30 minutes or more setup time before the tracing process can even begin. For this reason, the vast majority of practicing dentists never take advantage of gothic arch tracing in their practice, and as a consequence, removable prosthetics often result in inaccurate anatomical setups requiring constant adjustments after delivery. To resolve this critical need, DENTCA developed the EZ-Tracer to turn one of the most complex procedures in dental measurements into one of the simplest in all modern dentistry.

“Many dentists have expressed concerns with traditional CR capture procedures which require additional equipment and setup time in the dental office, and even more so out in the field. With DENTCA’s constant product enhancements and innovations, we make the entire denture procedure super-accurate, and constantly more convenient for both doctors and patients alike,” adds Younger Hong, Marketing Director. “The EZ-Tracer was developed to empower our customers with better methods and techniques to ensure accuracy, but also as a game-changing tool to help dentistry in general.”

Dentists, prosthodontists, and denturists who have already seen a preview of the EZ-Tracer at local conventions and seminars have universally praised it for its genius and simplicity, and almost all have expressed eager excitement to utilize this new time-saving mechanism in all of their denture practice.

All DENTCA trays and starter kits come with its one EZ-Tracer per tray set. EZ-Tracers can also be purchased separately on .

DENTCA is committed to constantly advancing the art and science of modern dentistry by innovating new tools and technology to make traditionally time-consuming and error-prone processes in removable prosthetics become digitally enhanced, significantly more efficient, and error-free from start to finish.

About DENTCA’s EZ-Tracer™:

The EZ-Tracer™ is a revolutionary tool that simplifies centric relation (CR) capture and measurement through multiple methods including but not limited to: Gothic arch tracing, simplified tracing, direct check bite capture, and/or any other tracing method used in dentistry and medical procedures. The EZ-Tracer is designed to work perfectly with DENTCA's patented tray-system, as well as any third party impression trays having a flat cameo surface. The EZ-Tracer is designed to save significant time and material costs involved with conventional dental tracing methods, while providing greater accuracy and flexibility with the process. The EZ-Tracer enables doctors to erase inaccurate traces by simply lifting the thin plastic film on top of the tracing surface and tracing again until the results are satisfactory.

EZ-Tracer™ Instructions:

The EZ Tracer is a sticker-backed tracing unit designed to fit DENTCA’s denture impression trays as well as other dental impression trays. To use the EZ-Tracer, the sticker cover is peeled off the back of the tracer, and the tracer is adhered to the flat cameo surface of the maxillary denture tray.

After the EZ Tracer is placed on the tray bottom, the mandibular (lower) tray’s center pin is used to trace the centric relations for the patient’s mouth with both trays seated in the mouth. The patient’s lower jaw is guided forward and backward to the most posterior position and then laterally from the most posterior position to find the optimal centric relation using intraoral gothic arch tracing. The EZ-Tracer can be used for other tracing methods as well, including simplified tracing (moving the mandible from anterior to posterior multiple times to find the most posterior point) direct check bite (having the patient bite down multiple times while holding the mandible in the most posterior position), as well as any other tracing methods involving impression trays.

If the tracing is incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate, the EZ-Tracer’s clear plastic film can be lifted to erase the previous tracing marks, and can be used repeatedly until the desired outcome is achieved. The tracing paper is designed to fit perfectly onto DENTCA impression trays with built in sticker material on the back side.

DENTCA’s 3D CAD/CAM Denture Solution Advantages:

  • $0 Startup Cost = No Investment in Hardware or Software needed!
  • 3D CAD/CAM Precision = 100% Accuracy
  • Only 1 Patient Visit Needed Before Final Denture Delivery
  • Chairtime = 55 Minutes vs. 5+ Hours Conventionally
  • Digital Denture Signature = Lost Dentures are Replaced Overnight

Dentists who utilize DENTCA’s streamlined denture procedure can have 3D-printed, 100% anatomically accurate try-ins (prototypes) fabricated in just 3 working days and final dentures in 5 working days from the date of impression received. To drastically reduce chairtime and patient visits needed, DENTCA’s 3D software automatically calculates: Teeth Selection, Midline, Occlusal Plane, Lip Support, Curve of Spee, Curve of Wilson, Articulation, Posterior Dam, and more -- all from the single impression. With the software system calculating these measurements to create the most accurate anatomical setup for each patient, only one patient visit is needed before try-in or final delivery.

With significant time savings that increase final denture quality and accuracy, DENTCA’s CAD/CAM system is changing the entire landscape of removable prosthodontics for modern dentists, denturists, and prosthodontists in the digital age. New trends in dentistry including implant overdentures are streamlined using the 3D printed prototype as the surgical guide during the process, and a perfectly fitting final implant overdenture for maximum retention and comfort. DENTCA’s innovative 3D denture system streamlines all types of dentures from single arch dentures to complete and complex cases, and is the favored system in use by mobile and networked denture providers as well as individual family practitioners. DENTCA is modern dentistry’s all-in-one digital denture destination.


DENTCA, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), the pioneer of CAD/CAM Denture Technology, produces high-quality dentures through computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), proprietary 3D modeling, and scalable 3D printing technology. After introducing game-changing technology to dentistry, DENTCA received the Pride Institute's Best-of-Class Technology Award in 2012 -- the first denture company in history to receive this coveted award. DENTCA's patented tray system is designed to save significant time by enabling doctors to capture the impression, VD and CR in the same patient visit in less than one hour of chair time. DENTCA provides high quality denture fabrication services to prosthodontists, general practice dentists, denturists, mobile dental networks, dental laboratories, government agencies, dental schools, and corporate health care networks with 100% accuracy and rapid turnaround times through its award-winning 3D CAD/CAM technology. With extensive patent protection, client relations, academic collaboration, and dedication to R&D, DENTCA is committed to advancing modern dentistry with this state-of-the-art, revolutionary technology for years to come.

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