Long Tail Keywords for Local Search Marketing

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Local search marketing company, My Local Leads, provides insight regarding long tail keywords and their future in the realm of local search engine optimization.

The old method of using long tail keywords to boost local search engine optimization (SEO) is not nearly as effective as it once was. For those unsure of what a long tail keyword is, it is basically a longer phrase that includes a more common keyword or two but when put into a sentence-like structure presented a higher likelihood of being found online as part of Google’s “exact phrase match” portion of their search engine algorithm. So, for someone who wanted to “sell books online,” a long tail version of the key phrase could easily be “sell cheap books online in Connecticut.” It used to be that companies and internet marketers could compile a long list of long tail keywords, create a page for each of those phrases, have the key phrase in the title, at the top of the content and in meta, and then generate content all around that key phrase. Keeping with the same example from above, with someone who wants to target “sell books online,” it could end up that there become pages such as sell cheap books online, sell fantasy books online, sell best romance books online, and so on. These pages were created by the hundreds—even thousands. It worked, but only for a while.

My Local Leads help local businesses increase improve their online presence and reach, getting the phone to ring with both new and repeat business. To do that, the company provides several pieces of advice as part of their consultation to enhance local search marketing and search engine optimization efforts along with services that range from mobile web design to social media marketing content creation and more. Rather than falling into the trap of the long tail keyword pages, My Local Leads recommends local businesses keep the following tactics in mind:

Brainstorm: Bring the top team members together and brainstorm. Why do people shop at the store or hire the business? Why do others not? What are key selling points for the business and what gets people excited about working with the business? What kind of problems does the business solve for people?

Develop a List of Key Phrases: Based on the brainstorm, there should be a list of things that the business owners know draws people in. There should be a list of ideas as to what people might type into the search when looking for goods and services provided by the company. There should also be a number of tie-ins.

Research Competition: Take a look and see what the competition is doing to get ahead in terms of online marketing or business practices. Find ways that the local business can compete with and overcome the challenge provided by competition without taking any shortcuts.

Quality, Quality. Quality: Whatever else happens, if the site design is non-responsive, the layout is not user friendly, and the content is lackluster at best, the hard work and in depth research will be for naught. Take the time and provide consumers a valuable and rewarding experience online. The dividends for a well put together, high quality site are not only higher rankings in the search engine, but also higher conversions.

My Local Leads helps local business with search engine optimization, website design and development, mobile marketing, and more. They can help manage a local businesses online reputation and provide valuable insight when it comes to online lead generation and customer retention.

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