Results Show DermaPen Micro-Needling Facial Rejuvenation Combined with Plasma Rich Platelets (PrP) Dramatically Improves Facial Skin Texture and Smoothness

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That’s great news for Costa Rican residents and tourists at Escazu’s top hotels seeking the fountain of youth in Costa Rica. The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic now offers annual packages for patients that want to keep their youthful appearance from their mid-30s on, with a new cosmetic procedure.

A new cosmetic procedure has come to Costa Rica with a way to rejuvenate the skin, specifically one’s facial dermis.

DermaPen, with 11 microscopic needles are at the heart of a new procedure called Micro-Needling. Both young and old are opting for this new procedure globally for many important reasons. Some do it for rejuvenating sun-damaged skin, others for vanity purposes only. Nevertheless, the results are real and patients can achieve significant improvements to their facial appearance with zero downtime. The procedure is fast and only takes about an hour to complete. The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Escazu now offers the procedure under the leadership of Dr. Leslie Mesen.

DermaPen procedures work by attaching fine needles to a device not much larger than a writing pin. The device uses an electronic piston action which rapidly vibrates up and down pushing the needles into the dermis. The needles are very tiny micro-needles, so little pain is felt and the procedure is very safe. The piston action of the micro-needle device is moved about the face and neck at various speeds and depth, depending on the area treated, creating precision micro injuries to the dermis. As the dermis heals, it creates more collagen resulting in smoother more youthful looking skin. Best of all, it comes without the recovery time required from laser treatments or acid peals.

An amazing part of a DermaPen procedure is it may be combined with Plasma Rich Platelet (PrP) therapy. Plasma Rich Platelets or PrP is a process of taking approximately 60cc of a patient’s own blood and putting into a Harvest PrP machine. This Harvest Machine is now in used at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica, which is one of only a few units used for this type of treatment. The process works by separating the Plasma Rich Platelets from the patient’s own blood into a liquid which can be brushed on to the patients face and neck prior to micro-needling.

Dr. Mesen, Chief Medical Officer of the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic says, “Plasma Rich Platelets are fundamental to the bodies healing process, which makes this procedure so revolutionary for facial rejuvenation. It is, in fact, so powerful, that many treatment centers and physicians around the world are now expanding it to treat knee injuries, like meniscus tears, as well as back injuries,” said Mesen.

After the Plasma Rich Platelets are separated from the patient’s blood, they are painted or swabbed onto the face. The procedure is extremely sterile, and resulting in the Plasma Rich Platelets being pressed down into the dermis as the doctor moves the DermaPen across the face. Then the body takes over, and the plasma rich platelets go to work to heal the microscopic holes made by the needles. Essentially the PrPs begin acting as if they are magnetic by attracting the body’s own healing mechanisms to the area under treatment, creating a chemical response deploying powerful healing power to the desired area.

What’s next is even more fascinating. As these platelets go to work, more facial collagen and fibrin (which bind the collagen) form a smoother, more uniform and ultimately a more youthful appearance. Results are seen almost immediately. The whole process costs slightly more than a typical Botox or filler procedure, but the results are really going to come from one’s own healing power, not from a foreign chemical entering the body. Essentially, the technology tricks the body to heal itself which truly pushes the science of anti-aging and age management medicine to another level.

“A DermaPen needle will go up and down into the skin at more than 150 times per minute, feeding it with the richest part of the patient’s own plasma platelets through the microscopic tiny holes made as the DermaPen piston rapidly vibrates tiny micro-needles across the skin,” says Dr. Lesele Mesen. “It’s like microdermabrasion at 10X power, and without down time, results are amazing,” Mesen emphasizes.

In only a few weeks, patients end up with a more youthful healthy complexion. The process is part of a longevity maintenance process and should be done three to four times a year. Minimally, at least two times a year. Patients that follow through with healthy eating habits, proper skin cleansing and good skin care can expect to see fantastic results for years to come.

Dr. Mesen adds, “I’ve seen many microdermabrasion patients moving to DermaPen because the technology is so much more sophisticated and treatment requires less office visits to achieve superior results at comparable costs.”

Now, under the guidance of Dr. Leslie Mesen, Chief Medical Officer at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica, local families as well as tourists can take advantage of the treatment which takes less than an hour to perform. The clinic is strategically located just a short distance from some of Costa Rica’s top hotels, including Hotel Intercontinental, Wyndham, Sheraton and the Marriott. The clinic can also arrange free prick up and return taxi service, so maximum convenience to the patient is assured.

The clinic is currently working with other local hotels and spas to educate them on this process and create affiliations that help promote the benefits of combining efforts with their existing spas through affiliate programs. The results: happy patients with convenient access to revolutionary skin rejuvenation, right here is beautiful Costa Rica.

The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is conveniently located just 500 meters south of the Multi-plaza Mall, one of Costa Rica’s most exclusive shopping centers. Both the mall and the clinic are easy to access by taxi or car. To schedule an appointment, call 1.800.657.7950 USA, or call direct in Costa Rica at +506.2289.3626.


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