Carolyn Hansen: Flagging Masculinity Worldwide Inspires a New Program to Revitalize Male Health

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With male health at an all-time low, one woman thinks she may have the solution to low testosterone levels in the form of her new product "Strong Men Stay Young".

'Carolyn Hansen is the real deal. Not only is she a brilliant health and fitness coach and trainer but her products are life-changing.' - Dr. Joe Rubino

Carolyn Hansen announces upcoming launch of Strong Men Stay Young - - September 10, 2013.

Former bodybuilder and current fitness professional Carolyn Hansen, the owner of Sustainable Fitness Solutions, has posed an intriguing question: "Where have all the REAL men gone?"

She says of her new product launch for Strong Men Stay Young that there are no shortage of men in her neck of the woods. "But if I was tasked to find the kind of older man that I remember being attracted to in my youth, I would be at it for a while."

They are certainly not coming into her gym, she says. Instead, what she is seeing more of as the years go by is men who have exhausted their masculinity and are entering as mere shadows of their former selves.

"They have lost their energy, their stamina, their self confidence. When they come looking for an instant fix in the form of a series of fitness sessions they are really on the ropes as far as their male health goes. I'm pretty sure they are there because something else has gone too."

Her clients do not come right out as say it, but Carolyn is sure that most of the middle-aged men that come looking to get into shape are also suffering from a lack of sexual appetite and performance. She says she can see it in their faces, and in their bodies.

The paunch at midsection is a dead giveaway, she says. "Excess belly fat is more than an eyesore in older men. It is an indicator that their bodies are favoring the production of estrogen rather than the testosterone that fuels manliness in men."

Testosterone, the male hormone that puts hair on the chest, builds muscle and deep voices, is like the elixir of life for men. Once it begins to decline as a man emerges from his prime years the fix is in. It is just a matter of time before his testosterone levels drop to the point where the loss begins to affect all manner of physical and mental processes.

It is the reason Carolyn says it is so hard to find "real men" today. "Unfortunately," she says, "our modern world is working hard to turn our men into women." She means that men's bodies are assaulted daily by a barrage of influences, some chemical, some merely psychological, that work to shut down testosterone. This is especially noticeable in men who have reached the age of 40. Estimates today are that one in four men in this age group suffer from low testosterone.

But Carolyn says the problem is not irreversible. Far from it, she believes. Simple exercise and nutrition can do wonders to reverse the effects of "aging" that most men believe is the root cause of their diminished male health.

Recently she put together a course on this very subject. Her "Strong Men Stay Young" program is designed to revitalize men, improve their "male" health, and return their status to that of "real" men. Better energy, greater confidence levels, improved sex life. Carolyn says it is possible for men to get back much of what they may have lost through simple physical neglect over the years. And it all begins with the realization that strong men stay young.

To register as a JV for Carolyn's upcoming Strong Men Stay Young launch, visit

Carolyn Hansen is a certified fitness professional who owns an Anytime Fitness gym in Whangarei, New Zealand. Her previous products include 50 Healthy Raw Desserts (Vols. 1 and 2) - - and the Weight Loss Motivation Bible -

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