Zero Gravity Creations Unveils the ZG-1 Lighting System: “The Last Light Bulb You Will Ever Have to Buy”

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The ZG-1 is World’s First Re-usable, Customizable, Waterproof, Energy Efficient LED Lighting.

Zero Gravity Creations, LLC (ZGC), a new design company in Baltimore Co-Founded by Tim McFadden and Aric Wanveer, is unveiling the lighting technology of the future as one of the top campaigns in a Nationwide Contest for Meaningful Innovation organized by Philips and Indiegogo. ZGC has developed the ZG-1 LED lighting system, “The last light bulb you will ever have to buy”. While being environmentally savvy, ZGC doesn’t compromise with design. The firm creates one-of-a-kind light fixtures with no analogue in the industry.

“The firm’s pending patent application has limitless market potential and it is time for Baltimore to benefit from it,” says Aric Wanveer, CEO of ZGC. “The most amazing thing about our technology isn’t simply that it makes durable, waterproof light bulbs that can be shaped and sculpted to look like anything, although that is not bad for a start, but the ZG-1 is that and more: it is reusable and retrofit-able as well. The ZG-1 bulb can be upgraded as LEDs get better in the coming years. When LED emitters burn out you just replace the emitter, not the whole bulb,” Mr. Wanveer continued.

The durable ZG-1 bulb functions fully submerged in water, it can be molded into any form, and mates with independent replaceable LED emitters. This can transform the capabilities of the lighting Industry; now the light bulb is the light fixture. No shades, globes, or covers. The company sets high goals- to produce locally and export globally, boosting Maryland’s economy and reputation while finding a more sustainable path with its revolutionary green technology.

"This technology is going to revolutionize the lighting industry from the ground up. Our system uses fewer components and will cost less to produce on the mass scale than current technologies. It will save money for consumers and manufacturers alike. This is the way we will light our homes in the future," Wanveer concluded.

Alexander Koff, the co-chair of the International practice at the company’s law firm, Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP, added, "As someone who is actively involved in global trade issues, I see many companies that have good, exportable ideas, but this one looks like a game-changer, both within the US and internationally. It is great for Maryland’s economy to have a company like this innovate and build products in our state."

About Zero Gravity Creations ( ):
Zero Gravity Creations, developer of the ZG-1 LED Lighting system, co-founded by Aric Wanveer (metal) and Tim McFadden (glass). Their primary focus is the fusion of metal to glass. The patent pending process is unique and would not be possible without the blowpipes and tools built for these designs. This technology has nearly limitless potential and can be adapted to suit almost every application from sculpture to furniture and architectural features, fountains, and lighting.


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