FaceSDK Brings True Motion-Based Face Recognition, Adds iOS and Android Support

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Luxand, Inc. releases FaceSDK 5.0, allowing real-time, motion-based subject identification in video streams with no prior enrolment. The new version features automated gender recognition, improves face recognition rates, and adds iOS and Android platforms support.

Luxand, Inc. announces a major update to FaceSDK, a leading face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 5.0 adds a multitude of new features, enabling real-time, motion-based subject identification in video streams with no prior enrolment. iOS and Android platforms are now supported, enabling developers build mobile apps implementing facial identification and recognition. In addition, Version 5.0 adds automated gender recognition and improves face recognition rates compared to earlier releases.

Motion-Based Recognition

The newly developed FaceSDK 5.0 motion-based recognition system enables developers build video-based comprehensive surveillance and security systems, CRM desks and attendance control applications requiring no prior enrolment. Implementing true motion-based recognition and identification, the system offers significantly higher recognition rates compared to current-generation systems based on key frame extraction.

Traditionally, video recognition systems were not built truly motion-based. Instead, still key frames extracted from the video stream were used to identify human faces. This approach discards motion-based information, and requires complex training and lengthy enrolment of each identifiable person. Enrolling subjects could be a lengthy and cumbersome process involving several minutes of posing, and requiring multiple captures from various angles.

Years of research and unique, patent-pending algorithms made true motion-based detection possible in real time. FaceSDK 5.0 employs true motion-based face recognition and identification, eliminating the enrolment procedure completely. Every subject appearing in a video is automatically identified and tagged. Enrolling the subject now becomes a simple matter of linking the unique tag to a database record or just putting a name on it.

iOS and Android Support

Mobile developers can now use the many features available in the mobile version of FaceSDK. Working on Apple iOS and Android platforms, FaceSDK 5.0 can be used to develop the widest range of mobile apps for the two popular platforms. Luxand published a demo tool in Apple Store and in Google Play. Developers can download the demo by looking up Luxand Face Recognition app in Apple Store and in Google Play.

Automated Gender Recognition

FaceSDK 5.0 adds the ability to automatically identify gender of a person appearing in the picture or video. This feature is in high demanded by retail advertisers and marketing specialists. Success rate is 93% on still pictures, and 97% in motion video streams.

Improved Recognition Quality

Version 5.0 improves face recognition quality on still images once again, reducing false rejection rate to only 6.7% (down from 9.9% in version 4.0) based on FRGC tests. The false rejection rate is calculated based on 0.1% false acceptance.

Pricing and Availability

Luxand FaceSDK 5.0 is immediately available. Version 5.0 constitutes a major upgrade. Users of previous versions are recommended to update their product to the latest release. A 20% early adopter discount is available on all upgrades. This limited-time offer is available to existing licensed users of FaceSDK 4.0, and expires on September 30, 2013.

About FaceSDK

Luxand FaceSDK is a high-performance, multi-platform library for recognizing human faces and detecting facial features. Aimed at software developers and webmasters, the library makes it easy to build applications requiring reliable detection and identification of human faces in still images and video streams. Implementing true motion-based face recognition and identification, FaceSDK allows building security and surveillance systems, access control and CRM applications requiring no prior enrolment. FaceSDK employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and identify human faces quickly and reliably regardless of the quality or resolution of the original image or video stream, allowing for fast and reliable identification based on input from even low-resolution webcams. The detection and identification of faces does not require any human interaction.

The advanced face identification and face verification features of Luxand FaceSDK allow developers build non-intrusive biometric authentication systems, and effectively enable touchless logins by simply looking into a webcam.

About Luxand, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Luxand, Inc. is a privately held hi-tech company. Luxand research activities began with Artificial Intelligence and biometric identification technologies, allowing the company to develop a complete set of tools and libraries to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. Today, the company provides a broad range of facial feature recognition solutions. The company’s products and technologies are used by biometric identification and security companies, banks, the entertainment industry, medical and cosmetic industry, at online entertainment portals, chat rooms, and movie Web sites around the globe. Police organizations and the military are using Luxand technologies to identify people and locate personal records by facial photographs. Government, municipal and commercial entities are employing our products in their document workflow for automating the process of entering facial pictures in a database. Universities and research facilities are using our tools and technologies to conduct scientific researches.

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FaceSDK 5.0 is available at http://www.luxand.com/facesdk/.

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