OsirisSC2Guide Launches New Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide

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OsirisSC2Guide.com has just released a brand new Zerg guide complete with strategies, tips, and build orders. More details at http://www.osirissc2guide.com/.

The popular Starcraft 2 strategy website, OsirisSC2Guide.com, has just released a brand new Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide. This new guide provides players with everything they need to know about Zerg, starting with a beginner's guide and going all the way up to covering advanced Zerg tactics. Players can access the guide at http://www.osirissc2guide.com/starcraft-2-zerg-guide.html.

The largest addition to the new guide is the section on Zerg build orders. This section provides multiple build orders for each race match-up. A build order refers to the order that players build new units and structures.

Players can either choose to invest their resources in buildings and offensive units or instead work on getting more Drones and expansions to improve their economy. If players neglect Drones, they will not have the economy they need to remain competitive into the late game. If players focus too much on Drones and neglect units, they may be susceptible to attack. The perfect balance between these two competing demands is the essence of a good build order. These new build orders can be found at http://www.osirissc2guide.com/starcraft-2-zerg-build-orders.html.

Another large section of the guide is dedicated to Zerg strategy. Zerg players must use very different strategies depending on whether they are facing a Zerg, Terran, or Protoss opponent. Against other Zerg opponents, players need to be very careful to avoid losing to an early rush. Against Protoss players, Zerg players need to expand aggressively and ramp up their economy to remain competitive. Terran strategy is somewhere in the middle, with Zerg players trying to find the right balance between early aggression and taking new expansions. The new Zerg guide as Osiris SC2 Guide helps players further understand which strategies to use when playing against each race.

In addition to the new build orders and strategies, players will find that the new Zerg guide has been fleshed out with tips and general information on topics like the best army compositions, Zerg creep mechanics, and the top Zerg tips that did not fit elsewhere in the new guide.

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OsirisSC2Guide.com is a leading provider of strategies, tactics, and walkthroughs in the Starcraft 2 community. With over 200 guides and 100 videos, it is one of the largest Starcraft 2 strategy websites on the internet. The website spans all aspects of Starcraft 2, spanning everything from the campaign and achievements to providing detailed strategies, tips, and builds for winning ranked ladder match-ups. Visit Osiris SC2 Guide at http://www.osirissc2guide.com/.

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