New SAT Program Now Offering "Disruptive" Guarantee to All Users

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The Green SAT System, a new, online SAT prep program shaking up the test prep industry, has just launched a new guarantee to further debase their competition. Users can now try the program for 21 days, and, if they're not completely satisfied for any reason, they're entitled to a full refund simply by sending an email to customer support.

"Guarantee" is used so often that it doesn't mean anything anymore. We're out to change that - we're offering an ACTUAL guarantee in its purest sense."

The Green SAT System is proving to be a thorn in the side of the incumbent players in the SAT prep industry. The online program, designed by test prep guru Anthony-James Green, has an average user score improvement of over 385 points - higher than any other option on the market - yet costs only a fraction of the price of its more established competition. To make even more of a statement, Green has just instituted a new, 21-day guarantee that he hopes will make his program the "ridiculously obvious" choice for parents and students around the country.

"When it comes to the SAT, there's no time to mess around," says Green of his new guarantee. "Parents want a program that works, and that works quickly. They don't have the luxury of trying ten options over the course of a year and hoping that one of them works. I wanted to institute a guarantee that appealed to that need - an ACTUAL guarantee - that parents can test out over the course of a few days, rather than a few months."

The new guarantee offered by the Green SAT System is simple: when users sign up for the program, they have 21 days to try it out. If, during that 21 day period, they don't see immediate, significant improvements in their SAT scores, they can request a full, no-questions-asked refund simply by sending an email to Green's support staff. Those who request a refund won't have to fill any forms, mail anything back, or even prove that they used the program properly.

"Look - when someone builds a product, it's his job to make the product obvious, easy, and effective," says Green. "If someone buys something and he doesn't like it, it's not because he "doesn't get it" - it's because the person who made the product screwed up. I built this SAT program to be effective, fast, and simple. If someone buys it, and they don't immediately like it, that's my fault. That's a problem with the program, or with the user interface, or with the intro directions. Offering a guarantee like this is just realistic. It's what people deserve, especially when they're buying something so important and time-sensitive."

Parents and students interested in learning more about Green's SAT system can do so via the following URL:

While many other players in the SAT industry offer guarantees, no one is currently offering something quite as unequivocal. Many classroom courses offer a free re-enrollment if students scores don't improve, and some other courses offer refunds if, after receiving their SAT scores, students don't see a certain level of improvement. However, all refunds are dependent upon final SAT scores. Green's guarantee targets the unrealistic nature of such guarantees.

"When I see some of the guarantees currently offered in the industry, I have to laugh," says Green. ""If you don't improve your score immediately, we'll provide another round of this course for free?" That would be fantastic, if the user hadn't already wasted four months of their life. Why someone would want to take a course for the second time when it didn't work the first time is totally beyond me. My program forces students to take multiple times diagnostic tests out of the actual College Board SAT booklet. Users know in a matter of weeks whether they're improving. And if they're not, they can email me for a refund. I'm not trying to take someone's money if they're not getting IMMEDIATE results from my program."

Thus far, Green's guarantee seems to be working out in both his and his customers' favor. Currently, only 3 out of every 200 buyers are requesting refunds.

Green's system is based on his 10,000+ hours of one-on-one tutoring experience, which parents and students can learn more about via the following URL:

Green currently lives between Los Angeles and New York City, where he tutors the SAT full-time when not developing his program.


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