Helping Alcoholics Admit Their Problem at Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay

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Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay has a renewed focus on how to help chronic drinker begin their journey to sobriety.

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What separates Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay from other rehabilitation facilities is its dedication to the latest and greatest addiction treatment methods.

Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay offers a brand new comprehensive and caring drug and alcohol treatment program which allows chronic drinkers to recognize their illness before it progresses. Admitting to alcoholism is often the most difficult part of recovery. For many, asking for help is the hardest thing to do. Thousands of Americans live with the disease and either deny its existence or don’t realize they need help. Because it’s a condition that increasingly gets worse, alcoholism is considered a progressive disease. Learning the signs of alcoholism can make the difference between controlling the disorder and letting it get out of control.

What separates Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay from other rehabilitation facilities is its dedication to the latest and greatest addiction treatment methods and providing security and safety for its patients. Removing the fear and stigma of alcoholism is a major step to motivating addicts to seek help. But the first step to seeking help is recognizing the early signs.

  •     Frequent intoxication: Alcoholics exhibit consistent patterns of frequent drinking. This can lead to consuming alcohol in dangerous situations, such as driving or operating machinery.
  •     Recurring problems: Heavy drinking can lead to shunning daily responsibilities including your job, family or getting into trouble with the law.
  •     Losing perspective: Alcoholics will continue to drink despite all the problems they’ve caused to their friends and family members.
  •     Dependence: This is the stage when alcoholism reaches its peak level. The sufferer will completely neglect important activities and lose control of alcohol intake and continue to drink with no regard of the consequences.

Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay recognizes that not every alcoholic has access to a rehabilitation facility. Controlling alcoholism is often a team effort. Here are some methods friends and family members can do to help a loved one who is a heavy drinker.

  •     Stop making excuses: Don’t enable or make excuses for an abusive drinker. There’s a difference between being supporting and enabling. Although it may be difficult to witness, alcoholics need to fully experience the damaging effects of heavy drinking. Constantly helping and rescuing them only encourages alcoholics to continue their abuse.
  •     Plan an intervention: Make time to speak with the drinker alone, soon after an alcohol-related incident has happened. It’s important to make sure the person is sober and in good spirits when you have this conversation.
  •     Target the problem: Be specific and make sure you convey your concern for the drinker’s problem. Support your points with examples of how the drinker’s problem has harmed your relationship.
  •     Get more people involved: One of the best ways to help an addict is to have strength in numbers. Have as many family members and friends get involved. The drinker needs to know how many people his abuse has affected. But at the same time, make sure the drinker know he has a support system.

Admitting to an alcohol problem and getting the necessary help is difficult to do alone. But if the chronic drinker has recognized their problem, Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay and its staff can provide the next crucial step on the road to recovery.

About Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay:

Alcohol Treatment Palm Bay employs a highly-trained staff of medical professionals in a nurturing environment. Its commitment to patient care makes it a great place for anyone looking to get sober. For more information, please call (321) 608-4045 or visit them online at

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