Nine Years Of Severe Anxiety Attacks Are Now Gone With The Help Of Goldlite Hypnosis Institute

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Steve Recently Overcame His Anxiety Attacks With The Help Of Goldlite Hypnosis Institute. His anxiety attacks were so bad that his speech would be blurred when he spoke during a severe anxiety attack; now he is free from those problems.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

Renee Sakr Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

"Why Live In Pain, If You Can Overcome it"
By Renee Sakr

After having anxiety attacks for 9 years Steve is so happy to overcome his severe anxiety attacks. Steve got tired of his anxiety attacks and could not tolerate them any longer. In the past he used to have anxiety attacks once or twice a month. But with time things got worse and he started having them almost daily.

Steve was taking medication to reduce the effects of the anxiety attacks but the medication was causing him a lot of side effects that affected him in a very bad way. Finally he decided that there must be other different ways of getting over his problems. He went online and did some research and he found out that he can be helped with Hypnosis.

Then he searched for a Hypnosis center that works with clients who have anxiety attacks and he found Goldlite Hypnosis Institute. He was seen by Ms. Renee Sakr, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor.

After a few hours of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy work, Steve overcame his anxiety attacks completely. He learned how to keep them from coming back and how to stop them the moment they start. Steve is now a very happy camper, he overcame his anxiety attacks for good and he is now a lot more social than he was before.

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People have been losing weight with Hypnosis for centuries, but the good news now is, the weight loss with the Virtual Band® Hypnosis is much faster and more effective in losing the weight and keeping it off. Because their subconscious mind remembers forever what was said during that procedure and still acts on it whenever needed. What is Virtual Band® Hypnosis?

Virtual Band® Hypnosis is a procedure that is done in the mind, which helps the individual visualize the procedure happen in their mind, and then the mind will make it a reality. More Information About it?

The Plan of Action entails 6 to 8 private sessions. First of all Goldlite Hypnosis Institute alleviate all kind of fear or misconception about hypnosis. Then Goldlite Hypnosis Institute deprogram the mind of all that old programming such as eating for boredom, eating for emotions, eating for loneliness which are replaced with new programming of health, happiness and success.

Then, Goldlite Hypnosis Institute teach the clients how to get rid of negative thoughts and behaviors and how to think positive at all times in order to draw positive experiences in their lives and stay positive at all times.

Would anybody benefit from Virtual Band® Hypnosis?

Yes, anybody would benefit from Virtual Lap Band® Hypnosis if they are motivated to lose the weight, especially individuals who need to Lose More Than 25 Lbs.
What else is in it for the client?

In addition to all the above, the client will go home with a special Hypnosis CD which they can listen to as often as they want and it will be a feedback for the individual private sessions.
Goldlite Hypnosis Institute Motto is “Working with the root cause of the problem and not with the symptoms”

Goldlite Hypnosis Institute works with different applications such as:

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Some applications need a Doctor’s Referral.

Goldlite Hypnosis Institute has 2 Certification Institutes Centers, one in Newport Beach, California and one in Jacksonville, Florida. Those Centers teach Certification Training for those people interested in becoming #Hypnotists ,#Hypnotherapists or #VirtualBand Hypnosis ® Practitioners.

Goldlite Hypnosis Institute has 3 types of Certification Trainins:

1) Basic and Advanced #ClinicalHypnotherapyTraining
2) HypnoAnalysis, #RegressionCertificationTraining with Four Types of Regressions Training
3) Virtual BandHypnosis ® Practitioners Training.

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