TRUFBA: The Rewarding Untouchable Fair Basketball

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Trufba Company is presenting a new basketball-like sport called TRUFBA which is built on three core principles: reward, safety, and fairness. While traditional basketball favors big and tall players, Trufba Company believes that TRUFBA offers everyone, regardless of height or size or even age, a fair chance to compete in a rewarding, safe, and fair game of basketball.

TRUFBA Grand Court

TRUFBA Grand Court

The primary objective of Trufba is to make the game of basketball rewarding, safe, and fair to all basketball lovers regardless of their size, height, physical strength, or even age.

Basketball is the game of giants! Many of us are fans of it, but how many of us can ever become a star on a basketball court? Very unlikely, unless you are seven feet tall with a strong chin that can withstand sharp elbows! Well, someone believes that if you can dribble, pass, catch, and shoot a basketball, you deserve to be a star on the basketball court regardless of your height or size or even age.

Trufba Company, a sports-promotion start-up corporation based in Houston, Texas, is looking to impact the sporting scene by introducing a new basketball-like sport called TRUFBA. TRUFBA is the English acronym for The Rewarding Untouchable Fair BAsketball, and is also the shortened name for TRUoc's Fair BAsketball, after the sport's inventor, Truoc Duong, who is also a founder and CEO of Trufba Company.

According to Truoc, “the primary objective of Trufba is to make the game of basketball rewarding, safe, and fair to all basketball lovers regardless of their size, height, and physical strength.” Truoc believes that “sports should be created for the people, rather than people being born for sports!” The Trufba inventor further believes that “the old basketball was created for very few people who have to be born specifically for it.” He is firmly convinced that “Trufba is the basketball game for all of us!”

Trufba incorporates many aspects of traditional basketball. It utilizes the same playing skills and similar equipment (i.e. court, backboard, basket, ball, etc.) as those used by traditional basketball. However, Trufba introduces a new court floor layout which is divided into 2x2 meter squares, called “cells.” The purpose of these cells is to prevent physical contact amongst players and to determine shooting score. In Trufba, physical contact is strictly prohibited. Each cell can be possessed by only one player at anytime. The shooting score is measured by shooting distance, and ranges from 1 to 17 points per shot, compared to traditional basketball's 3-point maximum shot value. Unlike traditional half-court basketball, Trufba is a full-court basketball in which players play throughout the court floor during the game, and all Trufba players have equal roles, equal playing time, and equal ball handling opportunities in the game.

The Trufba sport system is organized into twelve standard classes based on age and physical ability. Class A teams consist of players less than 10 years of age, class B teams consist of players from 10 to 13 years of age, and so on. Classes A to G are for normal players, while classes H to L are for disabled players.

There are three Trufba seasons in a year. Each season consists of twelve consecutive weeks of standard games. Players in all classes are entitled to standard competition and compensation based on their performance. 60% of the game revenue are paid to 20 players in each game. Players with higher game score receive larger share of the game revenue. In each season, standard games are played in 4 levels in each class. In each level, which consists of two weeks of games, each team plays 6 games against other teams in its league, which consists of 4 teams. All players, old and new, start the season at level 1. After this, the top 50% of players will advance to level 2. After this, the top 50% of players will advance to level 3. Level 4 is the world championship level, which includes the top 1% of players from level 3.

At the end of each level, which consists of 6 games, 3 top players in each team are awarded a team championship prize (which is equivalent to the average commission per game for a player), 3 top players in each league are awarded a league championship prize (which is about 3 times the team championship prize), and 3 or more players who earn the highest score in the world are awarded the world championship prize (which is many times the highest league championship prize in the world). There are also team, league, and world championship prizes for players who make the most number of Trufba shots in each level. A Trufba shot is the shot that earns the highest possible points on the court, such as the 17-point shot.

A great thing about Trufba is that anyone who can handle a basketball, even a seven year-old child, can have the potential to become a Truba team, league or even world champion in any level by playing only 6 games in two weeks, even though at level 1, players will play mostly with their friends and neighbors in their own hometown.

The Trufba animated videos can be found on YouTube in many languages. The Trufba Official Handbook, which covers in great detail the Trufba game rules, system, business, and ethics, is now available in many languages in paperback on and in PDF format on

Trufba Company is now launching a crowdfunding campaign ( on to raise funds and to recruit Trufba enthusiasts for the first ever Trufba Pioneer Camp, which will be held soon in North America.

For further information about the Trufba sport or business, please visit the Trufba website:

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