Great American Health's Master Prostate Receives Doctor's Backing as a Powerful Prostate Health Supplement

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Master Prostate, a Great American Health product, just received a glowing review from Brett T. Person M.D. for Master Prostate, a prostate health supplement designed to encourage better overall prostate health.

Great American Health

"I no longer need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I am sixty years old, and I feel as I’m in my late 30’s now after using Master Prostate,” says Dr. Person.

Men are increasingly experiencing prostate problem, such as frequent trips to the bathroom. Dr. Person’s positive review explains the importance of health advice and check-ups but also explains the power of prostate health supplements.

“I would definitely recommend Master Prostate to all men who have prostate problems. But first I would recommend you check with your healthcare provider before using any dietary supplements to make sure your problem is not something more serious,” says Dr. Person.

“There are a large variety of options for treatment and they include everything from drugs, treatment, and surgery to simple lifestyle changes. To understand the prostate a bit more, a cursory introduction to the body part is necessary.”

Prostate Health: what is it and how does it work?
Men have a prostate gland that is located immediately below the bladder. This gland is most primarily used in younger men to produce fluid in ejaculation as well as to move urine and sperm out of the body. The issue occurs as men age and the prostate enlarges, making it more difficult to expel that urine. The difficulty in expelling urine can be incredibly bothersome.

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate
Urination in the middle of the night is often a symptom of enlarged prostate. The bladder does not empty as easily when prostates are enlarged. When the prostate is overly enlarged, men are not able to expel urine and experience urinary retention. This issue, when left unchecked often requires catheterization.

Who is at risk of an enlarged prostate?
The short answer: men over the age of 50. Enlargement of the prostate does actually begin while a man is in his forties. Enlarged prostate does not equal need for treatment. In fact, many men never experience problems with urination flow.

Causes of Enlarged Prostates
So far, no exact cause for prostate enlargement has been determine. Studies do show, however, that advanced age and male hormone issues are primary risks for enlargement of prostates.

What Tests are Used to Evaluate Prostate Enlargement
The most common evaluation is actually just the evaluation of urinary symptoms. Without symptoms, doctors are able to use an ultrasound to analyze urine levels in the bladder after urination. If the bladder is not emptying properly, supplements, treatments, and medical surgery options are all available.

Enlarged Prostate Treatments
Medication is almost always the first treatment option considered. Alpha-blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are often used. Sometimes, the medications are used in tandem. Approximately 75 percent of men are able to manage their symptoms with such medications, at least at the beginning. Some medications produce about 5 to 8 percent side effects, but most are tolerable.

Not all men, however, choose medical options for management of their prostate. Many even choose a more preventative approach. These people often choose products like Master Prostate from Great American Health company. Dr. Person describes his experience with the prostate health supplement as the following:
“This quality prostate health supplement supports prostate and urinary health while helping maintain healthy prostate function. I no longer need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I am sixty years old, and I feel as I’m in my late 30’s now after using Master Prostate.”

Although not everyone will have the same experience Dr. Person's testimonial does, however, raise some interesting questions of the quality and possibilities of prostate health supplements. As Dr. Person himself mentions, individuals should always visit a health professional for advice on treatment options.

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