Talygen Enables Team Collaboration With A Complete Suite of Project Management and Collaboration Features

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Talygen, the world’s leading business management automation application, has enabled enhanced team collaboration and productivity with the latest version of its industry leading cloud application, which has been designed from the ground up to boost team communication, provide increased visibility to all team members and increase team productivity.


Managers have an easy way to manage both their teams and their projects. Talygen has finally enabled true project management and team collaboration.

Companies have traditionally struggled with the challenge of Team Collaboration and Project Management for large and complex projects. Traditionally, Companies have employed dozens of mostly incompatible tools to try and track various metrics of their Projects and enhance Collaboration and Communication within their Teams. Talygen, the world leader in Business Management Automation, has now given businesses more options than ever by providing an integrated single point solution for project management, team collaboration and client communication.

With Talygen, companies finally have the ability to fully manage their projects and team communications from a single dashboard. Managers can now easily set goals and communicate those goals to their team members. Team members can manage and accurately track time spent on various Tasks during the day. Team members can also easily communicate statuses to clients via the message board and easily respond to client issues via the ticketing system. In addition, with the availability of the Knowledge Base module, team members can post solutions to commonly asked questions. Team members now also have the ability to manage their time off and easily communicate upcoming vacations to their Managers. In addition, Companies and their Employees now have one integrated solution to track Billable Time accurately. Whether someone is on the Web, or using a Tablet or a Smartphone, they can now use Talygen’s advanced functionality to Track Time and manage all their corporate workflows.

Talygen also offers the ability for Companies to accurately monitor what team members are doing at any given point in the day. This is done using advanced features like time tracking, desktop screenshots, mouse monitor, message boards, ticketing system and real time project statuses. This enables managers to administer their projects in a more efficient fashion and ensures transparency between company’s senior management and employees. By improving internal communications and auditing, companies can ensure that projects remain on track and that any deviation from the projected plans is immediately identified and rectified.

Talygen's project management software supports users through the entire project. Its integrated features also include project scheduling, employee HR, expense tracking, reporting and much more. Talygen allows users to work with multiple project managers and projects and the same time. Project managers can organize their projects with milestones, assign resources and set priorities to meet the deadlines of their project. They can also communicate the Project Status with Clients as well as teams and share documents and files in real time. This helps companies deal with the complexity of large projects.

The advanced Project Management, Team Collaboration and Client Communication features include:

  •     Ability to create and organize projects with milestones and priorities
  •     Easily assign team members to projects
  •     Enabling managers to quickly check progress in real time on a project and provide feedback
  •     Team members can track their time and keep a record of their daily activity.
  •     Ability for team members to easily request time off for sick leave or vacations
  •     Enable managers to view the calendars for their team
  •     Manager can set task length for each task and cross check it against the actual billed time
  •     Easily bill clients for billable time using the invoicing module
  •     Separate client module, where a client can view and manage a project as well as the team working on that project
  •     Direct interaction of the client with the project team using the Message-board functionality.
  •     Built in Ticketing feature to help clients manage issues and for team members to respond in a timely manner
  •     Ability of both the company and client to upload documents to a private cloud storage space within Talygen and share ideas
  •     Data is secure and saved on the cloud.
  •     Ability to generate advanced reports and export them in PDF and Excel formats.

With this launch, Talygen once again has solidified its position as the best business management automation application in the marketplace today. A full list of features can be viewed at: http://talygen.com/dashboard

Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager of Talygen, stated, "We have made Talygen the most advanced Business Management Automation package in the industry today. Companies can run their entire business using Talygen. Processes and workflows that previously had to be managed manually or via individual software applications can now be managed via Talygen. This application is an amazing product for any business organization, big or small. You can manage every aspect of your business, employees, contractors, and customers. With Talygen, companies now have a single solution to help manage the entire project lifecycle. Both managers and team members have the ability to collaborate easily and communicate with their clients. In addition, managers have an easy way to manage both their teams and their projects. Talygen has finally enabled true project management and team collaboration.”

Talygen’s newest release of its industry leading business management automation application has helped change the way business owners and managers communicate with their employees and clients. Talygen offers advanced features that are not available anywhere else in the marketplace. With Talygen this entire suite of advanced business productivity applications is available, fully integrated, in just one easy to use application. Talygen is a cloud based SaaS web application with a very easy to use touch friendly interface and easy scalability. There is no other business management automation application with Talygen’s advanced features and rich customizable work flows.

Talygen has been designed from the ground up to work both with all major browsers on PCs and Macs as well as all major tablets in the 10” and 7” range. The core Talygen application needs no installation as it is a pure web based application and will work with any modern internet enabled browser. Talygen also offers state of the art custom apps on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry to help keep its customers organized. In addition, Talygen also offers optional desktop solutions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, for companies wanting OS specific features like screen capture and activity logger. Thus, Talygen is available to everyone in the office or on the go.

About Talygen
Talygen is the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation. Talygen’s integrated suite of services and processes allows Businesses to manage all of their core workflows via our Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Talygen allows companies to automate, regulate and enforce their corporate processes. Talygen empowers Businesses and their Employees to manage the full set of corporate tasks without having to install specialized software for each of them. With its wide variety of features, easy to use concepts and enhanced functionality, it allows end to end process management and seamless communication between all stakeholders in a Project or Business. In today’s competitive business environment, successful companies are constantly challenged with managing the entire life cycle of a project efficiently and transparently. With Talygen, companies now have more ways than ever to make that happen.

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