eVoiceAmerica’s New Internet Technology Insures Americans Know What Others are Telling Their DC Elected Reps with New “Data Teeth” to Hold Them Accountable

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eVoiceAmerica.com is the only patented internet voice with “data teeth” that puts Americans back in charge of Washington, DC. Its new “massroots” data will inform American and the media what America’s mandates are and how elected reps are responding.

We developed a citizen-involvement website that has bite, clout, and serious consequences to those elected representative who ignore eVoiceAmerica’s user-majority mandates.

eVoiceAmerica.com is a new, patented internet service that insures that Americans’ opinions emailed to their elected representatives in Washington, DC, on critical issues, are documented, quantified, and published to America and the media as issue-based, Yes/No percentages. For the first time ever, Americans will have the ability to see what other Americans are telling their federal elected representatives with the necessary clout to hold each representative accountable. This further prompts responsiveness to national and constituent majorities on a broad spectrum of issues.
eVoiceAmerica provides a personalized list of elected representatives to each user and links users to their reps’ official inboxes each time they login. One opinion can be sent to multiple reps at the same time. Each personal opinion contains a Yes/No, issue-based eVote. eVoiceAmerica.com harvests these anonymous eVotes, converts them into Yes/No percentages, and generates daily, issued-based percentage reports for publication to the media, users, and elected reps. Now Americans can flood their representatives’ inboxes with their opinions and eVotes. These daily data reports to the media and Congress will help the “good guys” and require the “bad guys” to vote for their constituent majorities.

“We have developed a citizen-involvement website that has bite, clout, and serious consequences to those elected representative who ignore eVoiceAmerica’s user-majority mandates,” said Sandra Brazier, co-owner of eVoiceAmerica.

In addition, each day Americans can answer the question, “Would You Re-Elect Me?” as your representative if you could re-vote today. eVoiceAmerica harvests these anonymous Yes/No votes and publishes them onsite as the previous day’s percentages on each user’s elected representative list. So now, both parties can see where their reps stand with their constituents on a daily basis. This standing will also influence how reps respond to their constituent majorities. eVoiceAmerica tracks all representatives’ percentage standings daily and over time in its daily data reports. “This is, essentially, a daily, between-elections ballot box which gives a digital pulse to Americans and their representatives. We believe our reps will take notice and respond,” states Dee Jeffries, co-owner of eVoiceAmerica.

eVoiceAmerica.com is the only political, take-action site that has the new and critical “data teeth” that will impact elected representatives where it matters most – the ballot box. eVoiceAmerica’s new “massroots” data will inform American citizens, the media, and elected reps what America’s issue-based mandates are and which elected reps are responding and which are not. This massroots data is not statistical, “dip stick” polling in which the pollsters decide which issues are polled and when. Rather, it represents “America’s Digital Townhall” with thousands, potentially millions, of participants emailing their personal opinions and eVotes on issues they choose to the President, House representatives, Senators, Governors, and the Supreme Court. Massroots data is shown as Yes/No percentages on site in real time and in comprehensive daily data reports.

eVoiceAmerica’s federal representative recipient data permits each member of Congress to know what their constituent mandates are on a broad spectrum of key issues. It also permits each rep to know what all other representatives’ constituent majorities/mandates are. Based on this new eVoiceAmerica data, representatives can now:

1) create coalitions with members who have like-minded constituent majorities,
2) prevent members from voting against their constituent mandates, and
3) create coalitions across party lines based on constituent majorities, eliminating partisan gridlock.

eVoiceAmerica is the first website to make getting The People involved a reality. It offers organizations and the media several customized take-action tools that they can install on their websites with self-selected issues to permit their audiences and members to deliver opinions to Congress on their key issues. Issue-based percentage data generated by these tools are provided daily to the host organizations.

About eVoiceAmerica

eVoiceAmerica is America’s only “Sign In, Speak Out, Be Counted, and Create Change” website with data teeth that will bite unresponsive Washington, DC reps. Americans have been cut out of the DC political process which is why eVoiceAmerica was developed. Its two citizen founders / developers have developed a citizen-involvement website that has bite, clout, and serious consequences to those elected representatives who ignore eVoiceAmerica’s user-mandates.

For more information about how eVoiceAmerica works, please view the following videos:

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eVoiceAmerica.com: Custom, Single-Issue Take Action Tool Benefits the Media, Organizations & Blogs

eVoiceAmerica: Intro to "Create Your Own Issue" Take Action Tool for Media, Organizations & Blogs

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Sandra Brazier, Co-Inventor, Co-Developer, Co-Owner
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Direct: Toll free: 888.993.8642 (888.99eVoiceAmerica) or 661.288.2355 (direct)

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