BePOB Launches Trade Only Product to Chauffeur and Private Hire Industry has launched a product specifically aimed at chauffeurs and private hire drivers in the UK. The online based system allows drivers to connect and share jobs with each other online, while still maintaining their independence as a company or driver.

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We wanted a way that drivers could keep their clients and independence, yet still operate their companies as if they had 50 cars at their disposal nationwide.

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 September 2013

The website, in development for over a year, is ready to launch from September 1st 2013 and has already generated interest nationwide. Company Director Kevin Willis is already predicting big changes to the way the whole private hire industry will operate in the future.

“We were concerned with the rise of the ‘umbrella’ companies who although supply work, are targeting the same clients as the drivers they claim to be helping. We wanted a way that drivers could keep their clients and independence, yet still operate their companies as if they had 50 cars at their disposal nationwide. The site ensures that drivers who offer a great service to their clients and have never wanted to work for a large car company, don’t have to do so to survive.”

The website allows each driver registered to post a job which they are unable to cover themselves, for instance, if their cars are already busy or the job is the opposite end of the country. The job is then emailed to other drivers registered who operate in the area where the job is requested, these drivers then contact the job owner directly to arrange cover and payment.

There’s an environmental impact, the site looks to cut down on dead mileage by increasing the chance of a return run for drivers rather than having two cars out at the same time running the same journey.

Kevin also explained the controls around the drivers, “Before a driver is active on the system, they must send copies of their driving license, private hire license and insurance certificates to the office so we know that all job connections are carried out by a legally registered driver. We also have a feedback system on the website and a strict code of conduct to ensure quality of work. This also allows us to keep the system trade only, it’s difficult to gain drivers trust in this industry and we don’t want to start selling the system to clients to book cars on, it’s a tool for drivers to share jobs amongst each other.”

The system launches on 1st September 2013 and will be free to users signing up until 1st January 2014. From then on, there will be a nominal charge of £10 per month plus VAT for the first vehicle, a sliding scale will apply for larger operators.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the chauffeur industry, Kevin set up BePOB with the intention of making life easier for the smaller business or individual driver. There was growing concern amongst the industry that the bigger companies can start to swallow the market and absorb the smaller companies into them. BePOB was set up with the intention of allowing the smaller operator a chance to compete in the market. To learn more about the company, visit