Order Efficiency Ltd Opens Gateway for Nigerian Oil and Gas and Energy Projects

A Nigerian Energy company is inviting 'Interested Parties' to come forward and join an amalgamation of companies interested in Nigerian projects and the tendering process for scopes in them.

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London, UK (PRWEB) September 01, 2013

An indigenous Nigerian Energy company is driving the development of a homogenous network of companies that will serve the energy industries across the entire range of projects emerging from Nigeria. The Nigerian Gateway company is intent on fulfilling the objectives of the nation's Transformation Agenda.


The identity of the Nigerian partner - The Gateway - will remain undisclosed until talks with senior officials of the current political administration are completed. Announcement of the Gateway group's launch is expected early 2014.

"The key to the success of the Gateway initiative will be in the partnerships that form between the Gateway Company and other indigenous companies," says David Winter, Director of Order Efficiency Ltd

The pool of Interested Parties is open to all companies that offer services to projects. The whole range of services is needed for the enterprise and Interested Parties are invited to join on an individual basis. http://www.order-efficiency.com/IP_Gateway

All companies registered with the Gateway have access via the Gateway's website to all participating companies for the purpose of tendering, and partnering. All individuals registered with the Gateway receive regular updates on news related to Nigerian projects.

"Joining the Gateway as an “Interested Party” will help you to stay informed about what is happening in Nigeria; which projects are available, contact details, advice on tendering, it’s worth joining for this information alone." - Barry Briggs, Aker Ltd

Order Efficiency Ltd. are confident that their contribution to the enterprise - 'Project Health Control' as a methodology for management of Project Concerns - will serve as a common element linking the pool of “Interested Parties” in project delivery excellence.

The Gateway list works as an opt-in information service that educates individuals on Project Health Control and provides a central source of public domain data on upcoming projects and assigned companies. From the Company viewpoint the Gateway holds information that the Company provides, confidentially and securely, for use in selection of tendering parties.



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The Whole Oilfield Lifecycle The Whole Oilfield Lifecycle

Services through all stages in the lifecycle of an oil or gas field are required in the Gateway, both upstream and downstream.

What it Means to be an Interested Party What it Means to be an Interested Party

A presentation guide through the five steps to invoicing for services on a Nigerian Energy Industry project.

Every project has a PHC Project Iceberg The Project Iceberg

Every project has an Iceberg of 'Concerns' that provides the focus for Project Health Control to expose it and melt it. The smaller the PHC Iceberg becomes, the greater the commercial benefit for individuals in a PHC project.