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Finally a first -- a new maneuvering product that easily lifts, moves, positions boat trailers into tight storage and display spaces.

T & L Industries Co. announces RED VIPER Boat Positioners TM

Finally a first…. a new maneuvering product that easily lifts, moves, positions boat trailers into tight storage and display spaces.

It fits any tire sizes up to a 9 inch width and 26 inch diameter and will hold up to 2000 lbs per dolly or 8000 lbs when using all 4 positioners (1 per tire).

RED VIPER Boat Positioners TM allows one to easily move & slide around boat trailers in tight spaces. Roll boat trailer onto our low to the ground dolly system and position them in any of 360 degrees with ease.

“We started using the RED VIPER Boat Positioners TM at our facility and we really like how easy they are to use and they help us tremendously with moving around our boats in the limited space we have.” - Steve Hendricks, Northern Marina

“We tried out a set of 4 and they really work great for us. Allows us to open up more space in our busy showroom. Even tandem wheels. Affordably priced too! - Bill Trenton, Blue Water Dock

“We enthusiastically developed & designed this product to offer folks a handy AND affordable means of sliding - moving - positioning boat trailers,small light airplanes, small camper trailers,highway trailer equipment…in and around their boat garages, hangars,their garages,showrooms, tight storage spaces,etc. and where ever there is a useful application for this handy & affordable 360 degree positioning tool.” - Bob Jackvony, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, T & L Industries Co.

How they work:

RED VIPER Boat Positioners TM are placed under each of the tire assemblies. Just roll trailer tires onto each dolly (only a few inches are needed). The dolly is purposely built only ½ inch off the ground. When all tires are sitting inside of the steel pans it is ready to “position”. The 4 low profile casters/dolly allow the ability to push,slide & roll the entire boat trailer into any 360 degree position for easy placement,storage,etc. Recommend using 2 men to safely move the boat around in the garage,etc. Each dolly comes equipped with caster brakes for stability and safety tire compression straps equipped with 2 steel hooks. Simply put…they work great!

Some specifications:

Each dolly is individually built using 1/8 inch cold rolled steel alloy. We securely bolt 4 heavy duty low profile casters onto each dolly system. Holds up to 2000 lbs per dolly (8000 lbs with all 4). These are low to ground dollies and only rise above the ground ½ inch for easy mounting & demounting of trailer tires. Both side walls are just 3 inches high so there’s never a clearance problem handling wheel assemblies with low fenders. The width of the dolly is 9 inches. Will accommodate small tires sizes up to 9 inch widths and wheel diameter up to 26 inches. The total length of the dolly is 21 inches. There are built-in handles on each side for carrying. Safety straps are included to secure tires with dolly. Dolly color is red.

Shipped out 1 dolly per carton containing operating instructions. Shipping weight = 24 lbs.

A very useful product at a very affordable price.

RED VIPER Boat Positioners TM Patent pending

For additional information please contact:

Bob Jackvony Vice President of Sales & Marketing
T & L Industries Co.
780 Reservoir Avenue Suite 236
Cranston, RI 02910 USA    
Tel 401-942-7083 or 800-524-1504 (in USA only)
Fax 401-946-6299

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T & L Industries Co. began its dolly emphasis with the introduction of RED VIPER Car Positioners first and has recently expanded their line to include small wheel assemblies & tire sizes with their boat trailer and airplane Positioners. They have been in business since 1992.
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