Tri Hawk's Nature-Fit Support Shoe Retailers at Toronto Shoe Show

From Aug 25-27th, retailers got some unexpected support from an orthotic manufacturer.

Massena, NY (PRWEB) September 04, 2013

Tri Hawk took its Nature-Fit orthotics to Toronto this week to help retailers with a growing problem, weak arch support. As shoe manufacturing locations have changed, so have manufacturing methods. Instead of a shoe being made to fit a foot, it is made to a flat profile and a foam insert slipped into it.

The insert is supposed to be a mate to the bottom of the foot, but it doesn't hold that shape past the first wearing. In short, it gives no support.

Where Nature-Fit orthotics come in, is in replacing the foam inserts with a proprietary polymer whose shape will never change. It will remain the same ideal foot shape, outlasting the shoe. Until now, the shoe retailers unfairly bore the wrath of unhappy customers. Nature-Fit inserts come in standard sizes, and do not need to be prescribed any more than foam inserts do.

"The semi-rigid Nature-Fit series flexes exactly the way the foot should flex," said Gustel Fischer, CEO of Tri Hawk International. They are injection molded which gives precise control of the shape.

To find out more about Nature-Fit and its products, call the company at (800) 874-4295 or visit

About Nature-Fit
Nature-Fit is the developer of prefabricated, standard-sized, semi-rigid orthotics. The Nature-Fit orthotics can be immediately applied, avoiding a long wait for custom orthotics. PerFLEXion Technology permits the foot's arch to flex as nature intended while providing arch support.

Nature-Fit is a subsidiary of Tri Hawk International.