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Share Article, a new, online SAT software making waves in the industry, has just brought back the as an online SAT vocabulary software. Vivid Vocab, which helps students to memorize SAT vocab words through the user of interactive mnemonics, is now available to students all over the world completely free of charge.

SAT Vocabulary Words

Students not looking to become "crestfallen" by weak SAT vocabulary results are encouraged to use Vivid Vocab's wild mnemonics.

We're all obsessed with creating products that actually work - Vivid Vocab is just one piece of that puzzle, and we're excited to bring it back.

Any student taking the SAT is acutely aware of the rigorous vocabulary requirements of the exam. Fortunately,, the new, online SAT software program making waves in the test prep industry, has just re-released Vivid Vocab as a free software program that any student can use to improve his or her vocabulary. The software uses interactive mnemonic devices and multi-sensory experiences to enhance student vocabulary, and students using it have more than triple the retention of students using traditional memorization techniques.

Parents and students interested in downloading the software without charge can do so via the following URL.

Vivid Vocab is the brainchild of renowned SAT tutor Anthony-James Green, who created the software after observing his students' difficulty in memorizing SAT vocabulary words. Rather than simply listing words and definitions, the software uses images, stories, rhymes, and audio files to "trick" students into memorizing vocabulary words more effectively. The techniques used by the Vivid Vocab software are employed directly from the newest developments in neuroscience, and the software took Green nearly 7 months to develop in full.

"If a student is going to remember something, he has to USE and EXPERIENCE it," says Green of the philosophy behind his software. "Memory is formed by utilization. People don't remember things when they hear or read them - they remember them when they actually put them into practice. I could describe the directions to someone's house 1,000 times and a student might not remember those directions - but have the student actually drive there himself a few times, and he'll remember the direction for the rest of his life. This software is based on the same principle - when students actively engage with their vocabulary, rather than just starting at bland flashcards, they remember every word they study with remarkable accuracy."

Green is uniquely qualified to build such a software. A career SAT tutor, Green has tutored more than 340 students 1-on-1, with an average score improvement of over 400 points - one of the most impressive results in the industry. Vivid Vocab focuses on an extremely narrow segment of the SAT, but Green has taken the utilization philosophies behind it and turned it into a full-spectrum SAT system that he has recently released to the public. Green has just launched an interactive computer program to teach the SAT, which parents and students can learn more about via the following URL:

The Green SAT System is making quite the impact in the test prep industry: the average student who uses the program improves by 387 points - a result unmatched anywhere else in the SAT prep arena. The program, based entirely online, is a rigorous self-study course which forces students to wrangle with their own weaknesses and to actively utilize every lesson they learn - a key behind the program's remarkable results.

"Most SAT classroom courses and SAT tutors are so ineffective because they try to PREACH," says Green. "Tutors and classroom instructors stand in front of students and lecture. They show students how to do things, rather than making the students actually do those things. But that doesn't work. People only learn when they're forced to act - to take small bits of information and immediately put that information to use themselves. The Green SAT System is based entirely upon this principle - it's SAT prep that puts students to work. Students don't sit around and get talked at - within 1 minute of using the software, they're forced to get their hands dirty, clarify their own understanding (and lack of understanding), and get to work. That's why it has such huge results."

Green used to charge a monthly fee for the Vivid Vocab software, but he now feels that the software is best as a complimentary tool. The software is appropriate for students of all age levels, and can also be used as an English language learning tool. Green hopes that when students use the Vivid Vocab program, they'll understand the value of his methodologies, and choose his SAT system (with a cost of $249) when they decide to prep for the SAT.

Green's personal SAT tutoring site can be accessed via the following URL:

Green currently lives between Los Angeles and New York City, where he tutors full-time when not working on his software programs.


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