The Most Practical Verilog Book for Digital and Chip Design is Here – “Advanced Chip Design, Practical Examples in Verilog” by Kishore Mishra, Gaining Wide Adoption

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#1 Verilog Book in Amazon - The best practical Verilog digital design book for college students as well as working professionals.

“Designing a complex ASIC/SoC is similar to learning a language well and then creating a masterpiece using experience, imagination, and creativity. Digital design starts with RTL such as Verilog or VHDL, but it is only the beginning. A complete designer needs to have a good understanding of the Verilog language, digital design techniques, system architecture, IO protocols, and hardware-software interaction that I call the five rings of chip design."

"This book is the result of twenty years of experience and passion for chip design, love for the Verilog language, three years of focused research, and a genuine desire to share the practical design world with students and practicing engineers. This book is going to be your trusted companion that covers the five rings with plenty of real-world Verilog examples."- Author (Kishore Mishra)

"This is a valuable addition to the rather scant practical guides available today for digital designers. What is impressive about this book is the range covered - 700 pages of insights in various aspects of digital design from basic Verilog to complex issues like DMA, arbitration, clock design including practical guide to optimizations for throughput, power, and performance. This book will be indispensable not only to those who are starting out their careers in digital design, but to experienced professionals who are looking for insights in areas they have not worked before." - Venktesh Shukla, EDA Veteran and President, TIE Silicon Valley

"Must-have Book for Digital and System Design - This is the first book I came across that pays equal attention to details of 'Digital Design' and 'System Design.' I recommend this book because it deals with digital chip design and system design holistically." - Twisampati Mitra

"Excellent Book for Digital and System Design - The book builds the base for digital design with examples of design building-blocks and gradually introduces more complex structures such as state machines, FIFOs and arbitration schemes, not to mention important concepts such as clocking, reset, clock-domain crossing, throughput, latency, pipeline, out-of-order execution and flow control. In addition, the author clearly differentiates what part of Verilog is used for synthesizable design and what part of Verilog language is used for verification. If you need a good understanding of how interrupt, DMA, memory hierarchy, solid-state drive, embedded systems and power management work, this is a great reference book." - Dipti Joshi

"A Perfect book for ASIC Engineers - Over the years, I have referenced many books in the field of ASIC Engineering. This book is by far the most 'practical' of them all. This book has more pages in examples with detailed explanations than any I have ever seen." - KrisTech

About the Author

Kishore Mishra started his career as a design engineer working on Ethernet chip design almost twenty years back at Allied Telesyn, International. Since then, he has worked on chip design and architecture in multinational companies such as Texas Instruments and Intel Corporation. His interest and work has been in the area of chipset development, PCI Express, SATA, DDR, and power management/power savings in chip design.

Kishore co-founded IP (Intellectual Property) company, ASIC Architect, Inc. in 2004 where he architected and designed leading PCI Express and SATA controller IPs. As CEO at ASIC Architect, Inc., he led the company with development and deployment of leading edge IPs. ASIC Architect, Inc. was acquired by Gennum Corporation in 2008 where he led productization of PCI Express Switch IP as Director of Engineering, digital IP group. The Switch IP has been used by some of the largest multinational companies and has been in volume production.

He has presented papers in conferences on multiple occasions and holds three US patents. He, for the last three years, has focused on writing this book with a goal to keep it simple yet effective and bring it to the budding as well as practicing engineers. Currently, he is architecting DDR line of products at a start-up company in Silicon Valley.

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