Webydo Chosen by The Mensch Foundation as the Mensch Corporation of The Year

The Mensch Foundation, an organization which exemplifies tolerance, integrity, responsibility and respect has selected Webydo as the Mensch Corporation of the year. Webydo lets professional designers create pixel perfect websites without the use of code; creating total freedom of website design.

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) September 09, 2013

The Mensch Foundation is proud to announce the selection of Webydo as the Mensch Corporation of the year.

The selection is based on Webydo’s outstanding corporate leadership that integrates tolerance, mutual respect and integrity, while bridging cultural barriers and empowering minorities. Webydo’s leadership manifests the mission of the Mensch Foundation, promoting value driven decision-making in the workplace and reducing societal rifts in order to foster unity in Israeli society.

About The Mensch Foundation

Be a Mensch is dedicated to bringing Israeli society together and infusing it with the positive values that are the key to personal and societal success. The Mensch Foundation works towards a responsible, just, considerate, and integrity driven society, collaborating with partners across the social, political and religious spectrum in a variety of programs.

To learn more, visit - http://www.beamensch.com.

About Webydo

Webydo is a revolutionary cloud software that enables professional designers to create and manage cross-platform business websites, without writing code. Founded by designers and creative professionals, Webydo is empowering designers to design a website around the world; eliminating all technical barriers and helping designers focus on the innovative side creation.

To learn more, visit - http://www.webydo.com.


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