Five Reasons to Use Beauty Tools Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing beauty tools.

Beauty tools are at-home skin care devices that are gaining popularity among people of all ages. Powered by batteries, these products are used in addition to or as a part of a topical skin care regimen, and the best models on the market are backed by clinical research. Most beauty tools are designed for specific dermatological concerns, making them especially helpful for particular individuals. The latest article by Five Reasons to Use Beauty Tools discusses the use of beauty tools and when they can be most beneficial.

“Signs of aging” is the term given to fine lines and wrinkles that develop on the complexion and body skin. While the natural aging process contributes to signs of aging, other factors, such as sun exposure, play big roles in the formation of wrinkles and can cause imperfections to develop prematurely. How can beauty tools be helpful to those who are concerned about signs of aging? Are there specific tools intended for addressing wrinkles? Can a beauty tool be used to minimize wrinkles in the eye area? To find out, visit or click

More than 120,000 facelifts are performed in the United States every year. While these procedures can be effective at tightening loose, sagging skin, they are also very expensive and usually not covered by health insurance. Can a beauty tool be used to produce results similar to a facelift? If so, what is its mechanism of action, and how does its price compare to a cosmetic surgical procedure? To find out, visit or click

Nearly 85 percent of all Americans will get at least one acne blemish during their lives. While an occasional blemish can be annoying, chronic acne is a serious dermatological problem that can tarnish a person's self-esteem and even lead to scarring. Is it safe to use a beauty tool like a hand-held cleanser on acne prone skin? Is there a certain model that is better than others at addressing chronic acne, and if so, how does it work? To find out, visit or click

Enlarged pores are prevalent in middle-aged women and those with oily skin. While topical products are available to reduce pore size, many people find that they cannot completely diminish all of their oversized pores through the use of topical products alone. Is there a beauty tool designed for enlarged pores? If so, how much of a difference can it make and how long does it take to produce results? To find out, visit or click

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