New Site Shows Family Fun with Filtered Water Featuring the Brita Maxtra Filter

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A new web site has been launched at to show how a family can inexpensively provide healthy, filtered water and make it fun. While here are various manufacturers in the marketplace, Brita products are used to illustrate how it works, such as the new Brita Maxtra filter cartridge, and water pitchers and bottles, including fun kid bottles.

A new web site,, has been launched to show families how to provide, healthy, filtered water in the home and make it fun. The health value of filtering is emphasized showing contaminants in tap water that are typically removed. Designer colors and kid adventure bottles illustrate how to make good health fun for the family.

Contaminants in home water systems, such as chemicals, poisonous metals and small, particulate matter are removed before drinking to protect the family by the filter in the pitcher or bottle. New products make it easy and fun for the family.

People can choose which they prefer, pitcher or bottle? Some people may like pouring clean, pure water for the family from a pitcher, or some may prefer kid bottles? Either way works well.

Home water filters are valuable, because there are still contaminants in tap water after the municipal water system has filtered the water sent to the home. There are different kinds of contaminants that a good filter can remove.

Chlorine is a chemical added to the water to kill bacteria and purify the water. However, so much of it is used for that purpose that too much of it is often left in the water supply. Removing the excess chlorine, after it has done its job, is the next step. This takes a home water filter.

Mercury is a metal that finds its way into the water supply. It may come from insecticides washed by rain water into the water table, or by other natural means. A home water filter system also removes mercury from your family’s drinking water.

Lead is another metal that is found in home water systems. Lead-based paints and some lead water pipe systems are sources of lead in water, as well as natural sources. Different home water systems may have varying amounts of lead in them, but a home water filter system will remove them.

All water has small amounts of particulate matter in it, from pieces of insects, to pieces of leaves and twigs. It is impossible to tell which of these might harm humans, but a home water filter system will remove them.

Many home water filter systems are available, and most will work well. In the marketplace, competition focuses on many different colors and styles of pitchers and bottles. However, persons with special health issues that may involve particular water borne substances that are not typically removed by home water filters, such as microbial contaminants that worsen a particular disease, should consult their doctor about necessary filtration. For most people home water filtration is a valuable health advantage.

Now providing healthy water for the family is fun. There are different designer colors. If the Mom uses bottles, have a different color for the Mom’s to tell it from the kid’s’ bottles, or use kid bottles with kid patterns on them - see Brita kid bottles on the new web site for examples.

One of the leading companies in the world for home filtered water systems is Brita. It is a German company founded in 1966, which is family owned and managed, sensitive to family issues and has over 1,000 employees around the world.

Brita has added a new, high-tech filter cartridge to its line called the Brita Maxtra filter cartridge featured on the new site. It is easy to install and remove, requires no immersion and the water level does not have to be maintained above the filter in the pitcher. All of this improves convenience and ease of use, while protecting the family with filtered water.

Clean, pure, filtered water can easily be enjoyed in a fun manner by the whole family. For more information go to

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