Mesothelioma Victims Center Offers a Tip to Families of Possible Mesothelioma Victims: Actual Diagnosis Must be Established for Before Pursuing Compensation

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The Mesothelioma Victims Center is warning potential victims of mesothelioma, or family members of a victim, there must be an actual diagnosis of mesothelioma from a medical doctor that includes the results of a biopsy. This comes after a recent heart wrenching phone call from a victims wife.

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We offer the only service in the nation that is 100% focused on the best possible mesothelioma compensation for all diagnosed victims.

Every week, or sometimes even multiple times a week, The Mesothelioma Victims Center receives a phone call from a family member of a person who has died from lung cancer. More times than not the doctor had indicated possible mesothelioma but as most victims have such a small window of time after becoming ill, the thought of getting a biopsy comes far too late. These stories are the saddest because had the victim or family known to have a biopsy done, could have undoubtedly provided much needed answers. This simple step is all to often overlooked and never completed.

“Unfortunately in these instances there is almost no way to pursue a mesothelioma compensation claim. We're talking the loss of potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in compensation all because a biopsy of a mass or tumor on the victim's lung was never done. This is exactly why we want the families of a possible victim of mesothelioma to call us at 866-714-6466, especially in situations where the cancer victim is too weak or too old to have a biopsy done. Even if the surgical procedure to do a biopsy could possibly kill the patient, we stress that you call us so we can provide all the options available," says the Mesothelioma Victims Center.

About two weeks ago the Mesothelioma Victims Center received a phone call from the widow of a 79 year old cancer victim whose doctor had indicated the possibility of mesothelioma. In this instance the victim had worked in the engine room of a aircraft carrier while serving in the US Navy in the late 1950s that was based out of California.

The widow tells us, “After his time in the Navy, my husband worked for a construction company that built coal fire power plants or modernized manufacturing structures in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. He was an insulator and retired in 1995. At the time of his death he had a tumor in his lung. We never thought to have a biopsy done to determine if in fact he had mesothelioma. It saddens me that only after his passing did I learn that proper compensation could have been awarded had a biopsy confirmed his passing was due to mesothelioma.” The victim told his wife he had been exposed to asbestos on a daily basis for at least 30 years but because an actual diagnosis was not established and his body cremated one week after his passing, a compensation claim could not be started.

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "We have been helping diagnosed victims of mesothelioma or immediate family members for nearly a decade. We offer the only service in the nation that is 100% focused on the best possible mesothelioma compensation for all diagnosed victims."

“In the instance of the US Navy Veteran that later became a construction worker, we would have instantly dispatched the most skilled mesothelioma attorneys in the nation to meet with him in the comfort of his own home. the specialized mesothelioma compensation claims attorneys we suggest would have taken the necessary steps to ensure the lung cancer victim also had a biopsy on the mass in his lung. With that biopsy we could have been better informed and constructed an immediate course of action, which could have resulted in major compensation, had mesothelioma been discovered."

Mesothelioma is the only form of cancer that is 100% attributable to asbestos exposure according to the CDC. Tragically, one-third of all mesothelioma victims in this country were exposed to asbestos while serving in the U.S. Navy or other maritime industries, according to the occupations are at risk list on the CDC website. Other high-risk work groups for asbestos exposure and mesothelioma include oil refinery workers, shipyard workers, employees of defense contractors, railroad workers, power plant workers, those who worked in the chemical industry, automotive repair specialists, construction workers, and plumbers. Typically, a mesothelioma victim's exposure to asbestos took place from the 1950s through the 1980s.

The Mesothelioma Victims Center provides immediate access to the most skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys in the nation. These legal experts travel directly to the mesothelioma victim to have a critical conversation about where and how the exposure to asbestos took place and how to proceed. For more information, call the Mesothelioma Victims Center at 866-714-6466 or visit

For more information about a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos called mesothelioma, please visit the US Centers For Disease Control's web site:

The US Center for Disease Control also offers an extremely informative web site that offers information about asbestos exposure work groups and mesothelioma.

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