Relocation after Divorce Can Disrupt the Family

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Theodore H. Enfield, a popular and sought-after Miami divorce lawyer, announces new advice for families who face the issue of relocation after a divorce.

Theodore Enfield

Going through a divorce is often a particularly difficult and painful time, for both parents and children. Once the divorce is finalized, however, it is usually a great relief for everyone. The whole family can start to rebuild and heal in their new situation, which obviously means adjusting to two different households. If the status quo remained the same after this time, there would be no more stress. But, unfortunately, change is always potentially around the corner. What happens if one parent wishes to relocate, to another state or another country? How does that affect agreed custody arrangements? The desire, or need, to relocate can often disrupt an already fragile situation. Several years after thinking they had seen the last of divorce lawyers and courtrooms, it can be very distressing if a couple find they are at an impasse over a new issue. This usually requires new negotiations, and it can also sometimes open old wounds and cause new problems. Even the most amicable divorce can sometimes leave unresolved grievances that get buried, but can bubble to the surface in the event of new negotiations. This can disrupt the family even further.

Theodore H. Enfield, a popular and sought-after Miami divorce lawyer with almost 30 years of experience, announces new advice to families who face the issue of relocation after a divorce. There could be a number of different reasons why one parent in a family wants to relocate. It may be a good job opportunity. Sometime it can be because they have met a new partner who lives a great distance away. Whatever the reason may be, when there is a potential change in circumstances, a couple should find a family law office in Miami to get advice on how to proceed, says T. Enfield. The relocation may mean that original custody arrangements cannot be upheld and need to be renegotiated. There could be an even bigger issue if one or all children want to move with the relocating parent and the parent staying in the original location does not want this to happen. Since Theodore H. Enfield has so much experience as a child custody lawyer in Miami, he keeps up to date on all legal developments and changes that would affect a couple when a new situation arises that affects the terms of their divorce. People searching for a divorce attorney in Miami, FL will often find Theodore H. Enfield’s appears close to the top of local listings due to his popularity and excellent service. At an unsettling time, it is reassuring for people to find a lawyer with so much experience and expert advice.    

About Theodore H. Enfield: Theodore H. Enfield is a popular and well respected Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer who has extensive experience in all aspects of family law, including divorce and annulments, alimony, property settlements, and domestic violence cases. For more information call 305-933-9592 or toll free on 800-733-5299, or visit

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