Reviews the Miracle Berry that Makes Sour Things Taste Sweet

Share Article has just released a humorous video review of the amazing miracle berry that temporarily makes sour things taste sweet.

It causes sour foods to taste sweet for approximately 60 minutes after consumption.

Max and Marlo of review the effect of the Miracle Fruit that causes sour things to taste sweet.

In the video review, Max and Marlo try a Miracle Fruit Tablet with 14 various food and drinks; limes, clam juice, and beer are among the items sampled. The video includes genuine reactions for each item tasted and is visually pleasing as it showcases Vancouver's stunning parks, beaches and graffiti art in the background. The video can be found at

Miracle Fruit, less commonly known as Synsepalum Ducificum, is a plant native to West Africa. The Synsepalum Ducificum berry has a profound effect on taste buds; it causes sour foods to taste sweet for approximately 60 minutes after consumption. A protein in the berry, called Miraculin binds to sweet receptors on the tongue. Acidic solutions causes the Miraculin protein to change shape, activating the sweet receptors which results in amazingly sweet tastes for many sour or tart items. The protein will react similar each time an acidic food is introduced but returns to an inactive shape in between. This process continues until the effect wears off.

The Miraculin protein in the berry breaks down when not refrigerated within just a few days. However, in recent years a freeze drying process has allowed for the miraculous properties of the berry to be made into the form of a tablet.

Only fairly recently has the Western World discovered this phenomena. Flavour-tripping parties have popped up in city centres such as New York City where people gather to experience the effects of the Miracle Fruit Berry or Tablet with various bitter and sour foods! is a young edutainment network that teaches personal growth techniques and strategies in a humorous fashion. They've created a series of funny how-to videos with subjects such as lucid dreaming, speed reading, and introverted personalities.

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