R. M. Santilli Foundation Reports and Expands Research on the Control of Frequency and Other Characteristics of Light

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The R. M. Santilli Foundation is supporting an international scientific meeting September 22 to 26 in Rhodes, Greece, on Santilli isomathematics and its scientific as well as industrial applications. The R.M. Santilli Foundation has recently published a report titled, “Additional Experimental Confirmations of Santilli’s IsoRedShift and the Consequential Expected Absence of the Universe Expansion,” detailing Dr. R. M. Santilli’s research.

Fig. 1. Scan of Sunlight from the zenith to the horizon showing 100 nm of Santilli IsoRedShift equivalent to the cosmological redshift of light from distant galaxies.

Special relativity was conceived for and verified for light propagating in empty space. The surpassing of Einstein's theories for dynamics within physical media is stimulating a new scientific renaissance with advances beyond our imagination at this time.

The R.M. Santilli Foundation will host an international scientific conference in Rhodes, Greece September 22 to 26. In light of this upcoming event, the R. M. Santilli Foundation announces that an international collaboration has confirmed three decades of research by the Italian-American scientist R. M. Santilli. Dr. R.M. Santilli’s research, published in the report, “Additional Experimental Confirmations of Santilli’s IsoRedShift and the Consequential Expected Absence of the Universe Expansion,” expands on the control of the frequency and other characteristics of light propagating within physical media (for details, see the publication http://www.santilli-foundation.org/docs/IRS-confirmations-212.pdf).

The study’s conclusion was reached using measurements done in the U.S.A. and Europe establishing that the redness of the Sun at the horizon is not due to scattering or absorption, but to a new anomalous redshift without any relative motion between the Sun, the Earth’s atmosphere and the observer, known as Santilli IsoRedShift (Fig. 1).

Besides the birth of a new cutting edge technology for the control of the characteristics of light detailed in this 2013 report, Santilli IsoRedShift provides experimental evidence that the universe is not expanding. According to Dr. Santilli’s research, light reaching the Earth from distant galaxies is redshifted due to energy lost to intergalactic media; this happens because the IsoRedShift of the Sun is physically identical to the cosmological redshift of galaxies as originally suggested by F. Zwicky under support by E. Hubble, L. de Broglie and other famous scientists. The energy absorbed by intergalactic media is then re-emitted in the form of cosmic background radiation since it requires a continuous source due to its weakness.

The discovery of the IsoRedShift has been made possible by the prior construction of a new mathematics for the description of light propagating within physical media which was initiated by Dr. Santilli when he was at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University in the early 1980s under DOE support. This new mathematics is today known as Santilli IsoMathematics (where the prefix "iso" stands to indicate the preservation of 20th century axioms under broader realizations) from which the Redshift takes its name.

Besides the IsoRedShift, Santilli Isomathematics has permitted numerous other scientific and industrial advances such as: the development of new cryptograms; the representation of the synthesis of the neutron from a Hydrogen atom in the core of stars; a new model of valence electron couplings in molecular structures with an explicit attractive force; the new chemical species of magnecules; and other advances documented on the website, http://www.santilli-foundation.org/news.html.

The R.M. Santilli Foundation will host an international scientific conference in Rhodes, Greece, September 22-26, 2013. Santilli isomathematics and its scientific and industrial applications will be the focus of this conference.

For more information on the forthcoming international meetings schedule, please visit http://www.santilli-foundation.org/isomathemat-work.php.

The R. M. Santilli Foundation has been organized and funded for the support of fundamental advances in mathematics, physics and chemistry and for the promotion of scientific ethics and accountability. Dr. R. M. Santilli is the recipient of several honors, such as: scientific prizes from France, Italy, Nepal and other countries; the Gran Cross of the Sant'Agata order from the Republic of San Marino; the Mediterranean Prize also granted to Hillary Clinton, Prince Albert of Monaco , former France President Nicolas Sarkozy, Juan Carlos King of Spain, international architect Renzo Piano, and other personalities (see Dr. Santilli's CV at http://www.world-lecture-series.org/santilli-cv).

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