OtherLevels and The Astrologer Boost Mobile User Engagement and Retention Through Message Testing

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Top astrology mobile app achieves audience engagement lift through advanced mobile message testing.

With the increased number of messaging options now available to brands using mobile to reach consumers, having the ability to test, measure, and retarget mobile messages to maximize their engagement and sales is critical for marketers. That’s why The Astrologer, developer of one of the world’s top rated mobile horoscope apps, is working with San Francisco-based mobile messaging analytics vendor OtherLevels to boost long-term user engagement and ROI from its newly-upgraded mobile app.

“Analyzing deep, actionable data is helping The Astrologer fine-tune its messaging to resonate with its mobile customers,” said Brendan O’Kane, OtherLevels’ CEO. “Whether they are trying to boost customer engagement and retention, monetize, or up-sell, mobile marketers can now carefully analyze responses to message campaigns and make sure they’re sending the most effective messages.”

Mobile message testing performed by OtherLevels demonstrates the benefits of targeting user segments and the advantages of A/B split testing.

In the first of a series of tests it carried out with The Astrologer, OtherLevels measured a control message that was sent to the entire active user base:

Message: “Will 2013 be your lucky year? Find out now with Kelli’s 2013 Forecast.”

Result: This message achieved a modest open rate of 2.8%.

In the next series of message tests, sign and astrological-specific messages were sent to members who had identified their birthdates:

“Warrior Mars moves into your sign until July 13. Speak up and you'll be heard. Tap for more.”
“Hi Cancer, communication planet, Mercury moves into your sign until August 8.“
“Hi Pisces, your ruling planet, Neptune turns retrograde. Be sure to catch up on old creative projects.”

Result: These messages saw open rate responses of between 4% and 10.5%, demonstrating as much as 285% lift over the control message.

“We’ve known for some time that people who fall under certain signs respond to marketing more than others, and that timing around certain astrological events has been a critical part of our acquisition and engagement strategies,” said Kelli Fox, co-Founder of The Astrologer. “The OtherLevels platform allows us to easily extend these complex targeting and timing tactics to our mobile app and analyze the results in real-time.”

Small changes in a mobile message matter. Testing a variety of message variations using A/B split testing highlighted how a minor change in language or tone can impact user engagement.

A. Hey Libra, got a problem? Tap to talk to Kelli Fox, The Astrologer
B. Hey Libra, got a question? Tap to talk to Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Result: Message A’s open rate was 3.8% vs. 4.1% for Message B, showing an open rate variance of 9%, indicating that for this audience, messages with a positive (“got a question?”) might be more appropriate than a negative (“got a problem?”).

“We’ve learned that even small incremental changes in message content can make huge differences to retention, engagement, and sales, and having a concrete strategy and plan to move one or more of those needles can have a tremendously positive impact on lifetime value,” said O’Kane. “The OtherLevels platform helps marketers implement and execute complex mobile marketing messaging strategies easily and effectively.”

For more information about OtherLevels and its work with The Astrologer or schedule an interview, please contact Vanessa Horwell at 305-749-5243 ext. 232 or at vanessa(at)thinkinkpr(dot)com or Amanda Williams at 305-749-5243 ext. 238 or at awilliams(at)thinkinkpr(dot)com.

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About OtherLevels
OtherLevels enables mobile games developers, brands and publishers using Push Notification, SMS, Mobile Email and In-App Messaging engage, retain and maximize the value of their audiences through mobile messaging analytics and retargeting. Based in San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia, OtherLevels offers dynamic A/B split message testing, targeting, tracking and retargeting capabilities through its real-time app and mobile web analytics engine. Marketers can track, review and act upon a wealth of granular data including pushes sent vs. pushes opened, organic open rates vs. message-prompted open rates, by linking individual message copy to user behavior. OtherLevels provides a simple set of Native App and Mobile Web JavaScript libraries that embed their capabilities into all mobile platforms, while working seamlessly with push vendors and SMS aggregators as well as in-house Push solutions. OtherLevels supports clients with as many as 500 Million app downloads, demonstrating scale that can meet the demands of the largest global enterprises.

For more information, please visit http://www.otherlevels.com.

About The Astrologer
Starting in 1995, co-founders David and Kelli Fox, one of the world's best known astrologers, built the most popular consumer astrology web site in the world. The company was acquired by a major media company in 1999, and the Foxes continued to manage the business through 2003. After a two year break the Foxes returned to the field with a next-generation online astrology enterprise: The Astrologer, Inc. The site’s focus is on making content and services readily available to publishing and distribution partners through APIs, developing all-new content that works across platforms – from long-form on the web, to short-form on mobile and small-screen devices – and taking the message to new audiences through highly engaging video delivery.

For more information about The Astrologer, Inc., please visit http://www.theastrologer.com. To download “Today’s Horoscope” please visit the App Store.

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