Holy Grail To Be Revealed On The Holiest Day Of The Year

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Postal Mailman-Turned-Author Clifford Ross Marshall Pierre Prepares To Make The Greatest Delivery Of All Time With Amazing New Book "The Sator Square Unlocked" Which Releases Dozens of Sacred And Prophetic Images That Have Been Concealed Within An Ancient Religious Symbol For Nearly 2,000 years!

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe in the good news! Mark 1:15

Is it possible to summarize significant stories of the Bible with just 5 words? Discover how first-time Author Clifford Ross Marshall Pierre makes a compelling case that this feat is absolutely possible and has already been accomplished by none other than Jesus Christ himself. By creating colorful illustrations derived from scriptures taken strictly out of the Bible, the author proves that the Sator Square is the Real Holy Grail which functions as God’s official blue print detailing the illustrious past, present, and future plans for the world.

After a chance encounter with Bishop T.D. Jakes during a church sponsored autograph book signing, Mr. Pierre was blessed with a divine spiritual wisdom which enabled him to easily interpret every letter, word, and diagram of the Sator Square and unlock over 100 of it’s hidden messages and prophesies. The Sator Square has always been considered as graffiti originated by the Knights Templars and the Roman Army, but as the author explains, those images are really not graffiti at all. Those artful designs are actually secret messages which are imbedded within the Sator Square and safeguarded in plain sight on the walls of prison cells and towns throughout Europe.

The Sator Square superbly showcases the infinite wisdom of the Almighty God. Starting from the opening chapter of the book, readers will examine the Templar’s “tower of babble” story and see it’s reverse similarities to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. By the books end, readers will understand how God superbly used 8 alphabets to seal his promise to the world of an everlasting life in paradise. The Sator Square Unlocked lays out all of the clues and evidence which will explain why the Sator Square is actually the Lost Holy Grail which conceals the identity of the Third Temple described by the Prophet Ezekiel and how it was built and established in Jerusalem on the same day that Jesus was crucified on the cross.

The Sator Square Unlocked also reveals secret messages that are locked within the Crosses of the Pope, the Knights Templars, the Roman Emperor Constantine, and Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Swastika, as well as the Christian “Jesus Fish” symbol. Witness firsthand what the Sacred Heart of Jesus really looks like and how "the blood" actually protects all believers from the devil. Examine the official blue prints of heaven, the beautiful jewel decorated walls and the 12 entry gates which lead directly to the Holy Throne of God! Unveil the hidden messages of several famous Renaissance Era works of art such as Leonardo Davinci’s Last Supper Portrait, Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam Portrait, and Nicolas Poussin’s Three Shepherds of Arcadia Paintings. Also explore how the world’s most famous “mad scientist” Nikola Tesla almost succeeded in cracking the numeric combination of the Sator Square which reveals the virtual Key to the Universe. Readers are guaranteed to envision the Sator Square in full motion just as the Prophet Ezekiel did during his vision of a wheel within a wheel as they laugh along with Abraham’s wife Sarah just as prophesied over 10,000 years ago!

The Sator Square is Jesus' signature and “handwriting on the wall” which seals every promise that was given to his followers and proves that there really is a God who has planned a beautiful future for this world since the beginning of time. Explore all of this and more when the Sator Square is finally unlocked and revealed as the long lost Holy Grail on the Holiest Day of the Year – September 14, 2013 – the Jewish Day of Atonement!

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