Chicago Implant Dentist, Dr. Irfan Atcha Gets Invited to Present His "No Jaw Bone Solution" Clinical Case at the ICOI World Congress to Be Held on October 3-5, 2013

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The future of implant dentistry is constantly changing and evolving through the hard work of visionaries who continue to push the envelope of science. The International Congress of Oral Implantologists World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey has been designed to educate, entertain, and energize through thought-provoking presentations delivered by world class speakers like Dr. Irfan Atcha.

Dr. Irfan ( Atcha, who maintains a busy dental implant practice in Chicago, IL and Dyer will present one of his challenging yet very interesting cases at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) at the World Congress on October 3-5 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Scientific Program Committee of the ICOI will consider the following categories for the Clinical Presentations: a) Basic science and/or clinical research b) Clinical applications, techniques or tips and c) Laboratory applications, techniques or tips. All clinicians will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee and will be selected based on merit and appropriateness of subject.

The objective of the presentations is a concise display of a single concept/technique lasting a maximum of 10 minutes so that multiple presentations can be made to small groups. Presenters must also have a 3 minute summation to give to the judges upon request. Dr. Atcha (a Diplomat of the ICOI) presentation topic will be "Treatment options for the atrophic maxilla with zygomatic and pterygomaxillary implants" which has been accepted by the committee for presentation at the symposium in Chicago mentions Dr. Avi. Schertritt (clinic chair-person).

The science behind the modern dental breakthrough: "Many patients suffer from the loss of teeth and the reality of having to wear removable denture prosthesis. Difficulty with speech, mastication and esthetics are just a few of the problems that come with wearing dentures," says Atcha. Bite force also can be reduced from 450 pounds per square inch to less than 50 in denture wearers. Patients now have the option of having all of their teeth replaced with zygoma implants that support either removable or non-removable dental prosthetics. "These implant-supported prostheses look, act and function more like a patient’s prior dentition," mentions Atcha. "We see patients that have visited other specialists and their restorative dentists and they are told that they would need bone removed from their hip or their skull to have the bone grafting procedure done prior to having dental implants placed," says Jennifer Jansen who was the head surgical assistant and now the office manager for Dr. Irfan Atcha. "In reality these patients are treated with 2 Zygomatic (long) implants in the back part of the upper jaw and 2-4 conventional implants in the front area of the upper jaw and Dr. Atcha is able to give them teeth for chewing and smiling in just a few weeks or months versus years," says Jansen.

The development of the Zygomatic implant presents a unique alternative for total rehabilitation of the severely resorbed (shrunken) maxilla (upper jaw), with only one surgical procedure and without the need for grafting. This long implant is anchored in the upper jawbone/cheekbone and in the very dense zygoma bone. A temporary prosthesis can be fixed immediately after placing the implant and until the final restoration, once the prosthetic and esthetic criteria have been met and your expectations have been fulfilled. The main advantages of zygomatic implants over sinus lift and hip grafting procedures are the shorter duration of the treatment and the success rate, which is 97% after 5 years, according to scientific studies mentions Dr. Atcha. If you are a patient dissatisfied with your upper removable denture, you should consider this option, because zygomatic implants will give you the opportunity to recover the biomechanics of your own natural teeth with proper biting force according to Atcha.

"The Zygomatic Implant technique allows me to help the patients with advanced bone loss that have been wearing ill-fitting dentures for years and have been told by their dentist that they have no solutions as the only solution for them is to wear a lousy upper denture," says Dr. Atcha. "I am very passionate about helping patients that want a new lease on life with having teeth to chew and enjoy their favorite foods again. We are the ONLY dental implant center of its kind in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region that is providing this cutting edge procedure to the denture sufferers," says Atcha.” I presented this topic in 2011 at the Chicago Symposium and received first place award for my presentation for my presentation,” says Atcha.

The I.C.O.I. (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) is a professional scientific organization dedicated to the training and study of oral implantology. Incorporated in 1975, it endeavors to advance and share knowledge throughout the world by fostering research, developing standardized procedures, providing postgraduate education, holding annual World Congresses and symposium and publishing the scientific journal, The International Journal of Oral Implantology. The organization has 12,000 plus member worldwide in 89 different countries. The World Congress with reunite the dental implant dentists from all over the world under one roof in Istanbul.

Dr. Irfan Atcha who is an advanced trained Dentist maintains a private practice in Dyer, IN and Chicago, IL. He is the sole owner of the large group practice Dyer Family Dentistry as well as the owner of The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dyer, IN and Teeth-No Dentures (TM) Dental Implant Center and Dentistry services in Chicago, IL. He limits his practice to working with dental implants, bone grafting procedure and Intravenous sedation for the dental disastrous and the high fear patients. As a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and of the American Dental Implant Association he has extensive and advanced post-graduate training in surgical, restorative and esthetics aspects of simple and complex full mouths implant dentistry and intravenous sedation. He has been trained under Dr. Paulo Malo, Dr. Thomas Balshi, and Dr. Yvan Fortin for the zygomatic implants (No Jaw bone solution). These clinicians are the world wide authority in the field of implantology and specifically zygomatic implants. Dr. Atcha has presented his complex clinical cases in international dental meetings and congress and has published numerous articles on full mouth complex implant dentistry with the All-On-4 concept in prestigious dental implant journals. He lectures and conducts hands on courses for Nobel Biocare USA about the All-On-4 technique. He can be reached at 888-416-4109 or 312-951-8338 or on the web

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