EZ Trading Computers Releases First-Ever Trading Computer Using Intel's New Core i7 Ivy Bridge-E Processor

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EZ Trading Computer releases new Radical Extreme Trading Computer with the new Intel Ivy Bridge-E Core i7 Processor, giving traders up to 67% more speed to help them to avoid “stale data” and "slippage" on trade executions in volatile financial markets.

In order to help day traders everywhere achieve the fastest real-time data streaming for computerized trading of stock, options, futures and forex markets, EZ Trading Computers is first ever to offer a new trading computer model dubbed the “Radical Extreme” using Intel's New Core i7 Ivy Bridge-E Processor. This is the fastest and most powerful trading computer to date. The Ivy Bridge-E Series of i7's is the successor to the Intel's Sandy Bridge-E models released nearly two year ago. Although it’s newly released, traders looking for the fastest computing for trading can already put the Radical Extreme to use.

The Radical Extreme model is 67% faster than standard Haswell i7-4770 models; boasting speeds starting at 3.6GHz and a turbo boost speed up to 4.5GHz. It also comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. This new technology supersedes its predecessor with more cache and faster memory channels, resulting in more computing power and speed. The new Radical Extreme EZ Trading Computer will be at least 5-10% faster than the previous Radical edition while consuming up to 18% less power.

"The new Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge-E models are a quantum leap up in speed from the original Core i7 released several years ago," said EZ Trading Computer's COO, Russ Hazelcorn who is also known as Eddie Z. "Traders will benefit greatly from the release of Radical Extreme and its ability to handle the massive amounts of real-time data that the markets generate. One of the biggest problems facing traders today is a phenomenon called 'slippage'. Slippage is when a trader enters a trade to buy or sell and the price they get filled at is different from what was expected. This happens because the price data the trader is working with is ½ a second to several seconds old; therefore stale. This is usually a result of trading on an older and/or slower computer that can’t process all the massive data stream in real time. The Radical Extreme will give traders of all types, the speed and power they need to handle literally hundreds of indicators and over multiple time periods without the slightest chance of slippage,” explained Hazelcorn. Computer.

The Radical Extreme is EZ Trading Computers latest offering, and it comes with 32GB of memory RAM, excellent graphics cards options to support up to eight monitors and a massive 500GB Solid State Hard Drive. As a day trader, it’s important to have a reliable computer that isn’t only fast, but can sustain the heavy load of running multiple indicators, charts and monitoring multiple markets simultaneously.

About EZ Trading Computers:

EZ Trading Computers is a leading trading computer hardware and technology company offering a one-stop shop for traders looking for ultimate trading system. The company specializes in super low prices, unique payment plans and extra long product warranties. The company has several programs where traders can actually get their computers for free via rebates. The company has built custom trading computers and complete trading system setups for forex traders, stock traders, futures traders, day traders, private equity funds, as well as hedge funds. To find out more about EZ Trading Computers, you can visit http://www.tradingcomputersnow.com.

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