Bible History Gets a New Angle on the Exodus - Egyptian Mummies With Peculiar Scars Tell of Plague of Boils

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Evidence of The Exodus is introducing a new website offering a fresh theory on an ancient mystery - the Biblical story of the Exodus. Unique scars on four mummies, known to have lived contemporaneously, give compelling physical confirmation that the sixth of ten plagues - the plague of boils - struck this royal group and left them covered with distinctive scar tissue.

A new website,, has published an article that details evidence, uncovered in a made-for-television documentary, that the Israelites actually emigrated from Egypt to modern day Israel in 1503 BC. Retired attorney and author Ed Kaspar (Bullying Decoded, 2012; The Economics of Abuse, 1987) offers evidence that establishes the date and the characters involved in the Biblical drama of the Exodus.

The story of the Exodus, told in the second book of the Bible, has been retold countless times throughout history. For centuries, archaeologists have searched, unsuccessfully, for physical evidence that the ancient narrative was more than fiction. According to Kaspar, compelling circumstantial evidence was inadvertently exposed in the 2007 documentary, The Lost Queen, a Discovery Channel production.

"It was a 'light bulb' type of revelation," said Kaspar. "I knew that the scientists were examining the mummy of Tuthmosis ll, and I recalled that the brilliant 19th century Oxford scholar and theologian, Albert Edersheim, had argued persuasively that he was the pharaoh who had presided over the Exodus events. Just then, the cameras zoomed in for a close-up of the mummy's skull. It was covered with strange, raised scars that these antiquities experts had never seen before. They concluded that they were probably the result of a disastrous skin disease."

"The plague of boils," I thought. The 6th of 10 plagues that befell the Egyptians was a plague of festering boils. The 1st century Jewish historian, Josephus, wrote that the boils were so extreme that many Egyptians died from them. As the documentary proceeded, the scars showed up again and again - among the members of the pharaoh's court!

The article lays out the fundamentals of the theory and the likely dates involved. Kaspar has expanded his research into the period and has found additional corroborating evidence for his theory. A book and screenplay - The Mummycode - are close to completion.

"I love these mummies," Kaspar said. "They are begging us to listen to their story - a detective story."

His article, available for download on, was copyrighted in 2009. It has been featured in and has grown in popularity with history buffs.

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