FrontPoint Security Releases 10 Safety Tips for the Fall

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As summer winds down to its final few days, FrontPoint Security has released its list of 10 Safety Tips for the Fall.

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Our goal at FrontPoint is to provide peace of mind, not only by offering a smarter and safer wireless home security system, but also by providing tips on how to improve home safety.

As summer winds down to its final few days, FrontPoint Security, the nationwide leader in wireless home security, has released its list of 10 Safety Tips for the Fall. This list contains helpful ideas and suggestions to increase home security as summer transitions into fall.

Tip 1 – Think Like a Burglar
Take an objective look at your home. Look for potential points of entry and if any areas seem more inviting than others for a burglar. Entryways like vents and dog doors are commonly overlooked. Also, make sure to check if any surrounding trees give access to windows upstairs. Take the necessary precautions to make sure these areas are protected.

Tip 2 – Put Away Tools
Falling leaves mean it’s time to rake the yard and clean out the gutters. Don’t forget to put away any tools after they’re used. A rake can be used to break through a window, and a ladder is an invitation to the upper levels of a home. If you have a toolshed, make sure to lock it.

Tip 3 – Lock Your Doors
The front and back door are the most common points of entry for a burglar. Be sure your doors are locked: as many as 40% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door or window. Remember to use that deadbolt to back up the primary lock. The door from the garage into the house also deserves a good lock – preferably a deadbolt.

Tip 4 – Lock Your Windows
It can be tempting to leave the windows open during the day and the night now that the air is cooler. Remember to close the windows and most importantly, lock them, before you go to sleep. Even windows on higher floors that may not seem accessible need to be locked. Just because those windows are not on ground level does not mean that an intruder can’t reach them.

Tip 5 – Light It Up
The daytime during the fall is noticeably shorter than it is during summer. It becomes even more important to light up the inside of your house. Make it look like someone is home at all times. Some home security systems offer home automation features that allow control of the lights in your home, even if you’re not home.

Tip 6 – Check Your Outdoor Lights
Just as important as the interior lights, are the exterior lights. It can be a simple porch light or a more advanced motion-sensing deck light. Darkness is a burglar’s best friend, so take it away from them. Burglars focus on the hidden areas of your home, usually on the rear or sides. Keep these areas monitored with good lighting. The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen, so light things up.

Tip 7 – Rake the Leaves
Nothing is more inviting to a burglar than a home that appears to have been empty for some time. An unkempt lawn that’s littered with leaves can give a burglar the impression that you have been away for a while. If you have to be gone for an extended period of time, ask a friend or neighbor to rake your leaves, check your mail, and grab the newspaper. Make it look like your house isn’t empty.

Tip 8 – Clean the Gutters
Falling leaves will inevitably find their way into your home’s gutters, pipes, and vents. It’s important to clean these out as often as necessary. If any of these get clogged, serious damage can occur. Rainfall that is unable to drain can lead to floods and erosion. Leaves that are wet and stuck for an extended amount of time can house termites and mosquitoes. It can also eventually lead to mold.

Tip 9 – Check Your Environmental Sensors
Even more of a reason to rake and clear your leaves is that they can be a fire hazard. Even if you’re careful, there’s still the small chance that fire can break out and when that happens, you want to your smoke sensors to work. Make sure they work and replace the batteries. You may also have other environmental sensors, such as a carbon monoxide sensor or flood sensor, so be sure to see if these work as well.

Tip 10 – Get a Home Security System
Homes with security systems are three times less likely to be targeted by burglars than unprotected homes. If you don’t have a professionally monitored alarm system, consider getting one – it is a worthwhile investment. If you do have home security, make sure you keep the system armed and that your yard signs and window decals are clearly visible.

“While homes are at higher risk of being burglarized during the summer, there’s no reason to be less cautious just because fall is here,” said FrontPoint Security Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Peter Rogers. “Fall presents a new set of challenges for home security, both from burglars and the environment. Our goal at FrontPoint is to provide peace of mind, not only by offering a smarter and safer wireless home security system, but also by providing tips on how to improve home safety.”

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