TPE Provides a Tight Seal for Bio-Waste Container Filter Covers

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Thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE are used in trend-setting bio-waste disposal containers. Due to its flexibility and weather-resistance, THERMOLAST® K is especially well-suited for outdoor areas and maintains a tight seal even under large temperature fluctuations.

The separate collection of bio-waste in the summer normally leads to problems like pests and strong odours. This entails the need for additional removal, rinsing out of the containers and many other additional measures for the user and thus reduced acceptance of the bio-waste container.

Biologic GmbH has developed a technical solution to counteract these unpleasant bi-products, combining modern biotechnology with a simple technique: The biological filter material in the waste container cover breaks down unpleasant odours while the tight seal of the cover forms a barrier against pests. Biologic GmbH uses the TPE material THERMOLAST® K from KRAIBURG TPE as the sealing material.

Tightly sealed cover thanks to THERMOLAST® K
The Biologic filter cover closes with a tight seal thanks to the TPE elastic double seal. It consists of compounds of the product group THERMOLAST® K from KRAIBURG TPE. In coordination with KRAIBURG TPE, Biologic chose an especially soft material for the seal in order to compensate for any unevenness and to provide an extra tight seal between the cover and the container. The THERMOLAST® K portfolio offers an extensive range of TPE compounds for the widest range of applications. In the case of the seal for bio-waste containers, a compound was chosen which was specially developed for outside use and which has excellent sealing properties.

The TPE in the cover of the bio-waste container is extremely weather-resistant, tear-resistant and elastic. In addition, the robust material withstands temperatures between -42 and +125 degrees Celsius. The UV and ozone resistance of THERMOLAST® K has been verified in tests like the Kalahari and Florida tests. In addition, THERMOLAST® K adheres very well to polyethylene (PE) and is processed together with PE in a two-component injection moulding process.

In comparison with the insert method, thermoplastic processing is more cost-effective and has a higher degree of automation based on the two-component technology.

Advantages for Municipalities
Starting on 1 January 2015 it will be mandatory in Germany to have a separate container for bio-waste. Numerous municipalities are already switching to Biologic bins with the innovative filter cover. In doing so, cities and administrative districts can guarantee their constituents a clean bio-waste removal process – without additional costs for extra pick-ups in the summer. The perfectly-closing bio-filter cover fits all common waste containers up to 240 litres. Bio-waste containers with filter covers are hygienic and contribute to improved health conditions.

The press release can be downloaded from where you will also find further information and images for publication.

Biologic GmbH
Biologic is the only manufacturer of bio-waste filter covers and has been granted a patent for the system. The company works with the development of biotechnical products and processes for environmental protection. The core competence of the company is in biological decomposition by means of micro-organisms, in other words, microbes such as bacteria. The company focuses on the development of technical bio-filters and products for water preparation in garden ponds. Biologic GmbH works in close collaboration in research and development with universities, universities of applied sciences and other scientific institutions.

KRAIBURG TPE ( manufactures thermoplastic elastomers based on HSBC (hydrogenated styrene block copolymers) and markets them all around the world. In addition to custom solutions, under the THERMOLAST® brand the company offers a broad spectrum of standardized compounds covering a wide range of applications. With its high-performance HIPEX® compound, KRAIBURG TPE is opening up the world of rubber for all thermoplastics processing companies and with the new compounds COPEC® and For-Tec E it is entering new dimensions in terms of haptics, adhesion and resistance for consumer electronics products. KRAIBURG TPE has production sites in Germany, USA and Malaysia. The sales organization covers France, Italy, Poland, Spain, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico. In further countries KRAIBURG TPE is represented by distributors.

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