New Invention a Boon to Marijuana Growers?

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Zenion invention originally developed for food and flower farming is striking a chord with medical cannabis growers.

Zenion Industries newest product, i-Grow, is a very novel solar-powered device which helps most above ground plants grow healthier and produce much more. It also reduces the need for pesticides and serves to mitigate problems with herbivores. Recently Zenion was advised by a group of medical marijuana growers in the Northern California area that they had purchased some units to test on various strains of cannabis to determine if it could do for their crops what it has proven to do for tomatoes and grapes, etc. After just a few weeks they reported their growth had increased enormously. In their words, “this may not have been your intended market but you really need to make this available to all legal cannabis growers.”

The i-Grow is an eco-friendly, solar-powered electronic device which is mounted above plants to supply them with a steady stream of negative ions during photosynthesis. Decades of research have proven that plants respond quite favorably to atmospheric ionization in a natural non-harmful way, growing healthier and producing more fruit, flora and vegetables. Herbivores, such as ants, spider mites and aphids, are discouraged from invading plants under treatment thereby reducing the need for pesticides. Until now it has not been cost effective to treat plants in this manner, but the Zenion technology changes all of that.

Zenion, and specifically its founder and president, Jim Lee, spent over 10 years of self funded research and development on this unique product. Now, leveraging those years of R & D, Zenion has filed for patent protection in 161 countries and proceeded to manufacture and license the technology. Zenion Industries, Inc. was established in 1979 and distinguished itself as an expert in the field of ionization physics and electronics by developing and patenting many products utilizing ion technology. The corporation invented over 20 products for The Sharper Image alone, including the Ionic Breeze.

While little has been done in the way of formal testing with marijuana strains, successful experimentation has been done on numerous types of other plants including grapes, tomatoes, beans, and sugar cane. More cannabis testing is planned to determine if this early empirical evidence warrants the excitement it has generated thus far. From the backyard garden to large-scale crop management, this technology has the potential to increase food production substantially. With a growing world population estimated to be 9 billion by the year 2040, we need more “Green” answers like this one to help feed people and livestock.

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