Aveeno vs. Boots No7 – a Beauty Match up Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today comparing Boots No7 and Aveeno, two popular beauty brands.

Inexpensive or drugstore beauty brands remain popular year after year because they allow women to enhance their appearance without having to pay high prices for products. Two of the leaders in the drugstore beauty market are Aveeno and Boots No7. Both companies have wide selections of beauty products available for women, but there are many differences between the brands. The latest article by BeautyResearch.com, Aveeno vs. Boots No7, provides a complete comparison of the Aveeno and Boots No7 skin care collections.

Boots No7 originated in the UK during the 19th century. The brand is named after the founder of the company, John Boot, a pharmacist who wanted to offer inexpensive, scientifically formulated skin care solutions for British women. For what is the Boots No7 skin care collection best known? In what areas does the British beauty line truly excel? What are the shortcomings of Boots No7 products? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


Owned by Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno debuted in 1945 with the brand's first product: a soothing colloidal soak for inflamed and irritated skin. The brand's offerings have now expanded to include a full range of skin care options. What are the major characteristics of Aveeno products that may appeal to some specific types of women? What are the overall strengths of the Aveeno skin care collection? Are there any areas where Aveeno products come up short? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


A healthy daily skin care regimen should consist of three basic steps to most effectively promote healthy skin. These steps are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. How do the cleansers from Aveeno compare to the cleansers from Boots No7? Which brand has the best selection of toners for the second step in a skin care regimen? Is either brand more well-known for their moisturizing formulas to complete a skin care routine? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


In addition to daily skin care, many women require additional products to address specific skin care concerns. Daily protection from the sun is also essential to keep the skin in good condition. How do the sun protective products from Aveeno and Boots No7 compare to one another? Which brand has the best solutions for problems like sensitive skin, eczema, acne and under eye problems? Does either brand have options available for children and men? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


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