Landlords' Liability: Highly Recommends Landlords Review All Local and State Regulations Regarding Forced Evictions

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In light of recent ordinances and regulations governing tenant behavior and potential liability for landlords, highly recommends landlords and property managers understand laws regulating evictions. Further, landlords and property managers should review tenant screening policies and practices to potentially avoid the threat of forced eviction on tenants.

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Now more than ever landlords and property managers must protect themselves from the potential of forced evictions. A thorough tenant check by a third-party tenant background screening company is a must.

Across the United States activist neighbors are demanding greater security and safety within rental communities. An increasing trend seems to indicate that neighbors are no longer willing to put up with bad tenants and are looking for changes in local ordinances and regulations to force evictions.

As reported on the website for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Aug. 15, 13) residents of a rental community have requested changes in local ordinances to curb and curtail malfeasant activities.

A spike in property crime near Gingrich Park is putting nearby residents on edge and prompting a request for an ordinance to make rental property owners more responsible for who they rent to.

The purpose of this ordinance is to force police to advise landlords and property managers when " a resident is involved in a crime and after three notices, the landlord could lose their permit to rent..." .

Certainly ordinances such as the one mentioned above are aggressive moves by residents to control illegal activities that may originate from neighbors within a community. Unfortunately, landlords may not always have the ability to pick and chose to whom properties are rented, especially when it comes to filling empty properties.

Adam Almeida, President and CEO of states: "A thorough tenant check is a tool that should be utilized by every landlord or property manager. From a single unit rent to large scale rentals, tenant screening is a tool that provides relevant and current information to decision makers."

Lansdale, Pennsylvania police and city officials are reviewing the potential use of a nuisance ordinance that would make landlords liable for bad tenants.

Lansdale neighbors fed up with that nuisance of a badly-behaving renter may soon have a solution in a nuisance ordinance that will hold landlords responsible to evict problem tenants from the neighborhood.

Holding landlords accountable for the potential actions of their tenants will put greater pressure on finding solid tenants.
Almeida states: "Now more than ever landlords and property managers must protect themselves from the potential of forced evictions. A thorough tenant check by a third-party tenant background screening company is a must." Almeida further suggests that any tenant check should be combined with a face-to-face interview with rental candidates.

Lansdale's ordinance will utilize the compilation of police reports against a specific individual or family as the tool to bring about eviction.

"Eviction is a major legal process, especially if it's the middle of the lease," ... "This ordinance from the borough compels the landlord to evict, or they will be in violation of the ordinance."

Understanding a tenant's background history may assist a landlord in avoiding eviction. Not only is eviction a "major legal process," it can result in high legal costs and loss of income for a rental unit.

In the end a landlord should protect themselves from the start and maintain thorough tenant screening practices that utilize rigorous interview processes and the use of public records to help determine a candidate's viability. The cost of an eviction far outweighs the cost of a tenant check. is a third-party background screening company that provides tenants checks to landlords and property managers for all sizes and types of rental complexes. From the single-unit to the large community, has the ability to provide current and accurate tenant checks to any property manager or landlord.

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