Gulf Coast Spine Care Announce Enhanced Measures for Treating Sciatica

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Effective Treatments Now Available for Sciatica Sufferers

When the sciatic nerve becomes compressed, the individual can feel a significant amount of pain as well as other bothersome symptoms that can decrease quality of life. This condition, known as sciatica, is known to cause symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and other unpleasant sensations that can radiate from the lower back down through one or both legs. Those who suffer from this condition may have such severe symptoms that they are unable go about their daily activities, and some may be unable to sleep comfortably at night. Finding an effective way to relieve these symptoms is imperative, and the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care can help. Gulf Coast Spine Care is a highly regarded medical center that focuses on conditions that affect the back and neck. Recently, it has announced enhancements to its sciatica treatments.

Compression of the sciatic nerve can result from everything from degenerative processes that result from aging to car accidents, pregnancy and more. In some instances, the condition will resolve on its own over time. Others may find relief simply by adjusting how they sleep at night or how they sit in chairs. However, when sciatica is severe, its symptoms may not be alleviated by these common treatments, and the individual may not find any relief. This can drastically decrease quality of life, prevent individuals from earning a living at work and have other serious consequences on a person’s life. Because of this, it is important to find an effective treatment for the condition.

With an initial visit to Gulf Coast Spine Care, individuals will be examined by board certified surgeons with over 20 years of experience. Special tests may also be conducted to determine the cause of the sciatic nerve pain. Through the examination and tests, the medical professionals at Gulf Coast Spine Care will determine what the most effective treatment option may be for the patient. In some cases, manual therapy, such as massage or spinal manipulation may alleviate the pain. In other instances, however, surgery may be necessary to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Surgery is the right solution for some individuals who suffer from sciatica. Because it provides immediate and effective relief of the pressure that is being placed on the sciatic nerve, many individuals report feeling significantly better right after surgery. While there is some recovery time after the surgery, the fact is that this can provide significant or even full relief of the symptoms, and this relief may be permanent. Individuals who are suffering from sciatic nerve pain and who have not had success with other treatment options may benefit from surgical treatment.

Patients who are treated by the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care are treated by a team of medical professionals with significant experience dealing with conditions affecting this area of the body. Whether individuals are looking for an accurate diagnosis of their back and neck condition or are searching for an effective treatment option when other treatments have failed, they can obtain the results they are looking for by working with the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care.


Gulf Coast Spine Care is highly regarded as one of the top neck and back pain centers in the Houston area, and the experienced team of medical professionals at this health center are capable of successfully diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions that affect this area of the body. The office can be reached by phone at 877-395-8353 or by visiting

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