Young in age, smart in travel: How younger generations have become more travel savvy (Club Med)

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With parents placing greater emphasis on the importance of travel, this passion for exploration has definitely been passed onto the younger generation.

Club Med
17 per cent of UK holidaymakers travelled to a destination outside of Europe in 2012.

Travel was once the preserve of the wealthy and educated middle to upper classes. A lack of readily available information, and the associated expense, made venturing off the beaten track somewhat of an exception, rather than the rule, when it came to travel.

Nevertheless, times have, categorically changed. Travel has become easier, cheaper and increasingly common. The real reason behind the shift, however, lies in the new generation of travellers’ attitude to travel.

Recent research conducted on behalf of the leading travel brand, Club Med, indicates that no longer is the mind-set of young travellers derived from improbable aspiration; it’s forged from an understanding that has been deeply embedded in their psyche from an early age by their parents: exotic travel is attainable, realistic and packed full of excitement.

Shifting the paradigm

This inquisitive outlook, when it comes to travel, is starting at an increasingly early age. Indeed, as Club Med’s detailed infographic highlights, with 17 per cent of UK holidaymakers travelling to a destination outside of Europe in 2012 and tropical destinations increasing in popularity by an average of 4 per cent each year between 2000 and 2010, parents continue to stretch the comfort zones of their children at a young age.

And it’s this thirst for adventure, as well as being brought up in an environment where spending time and money on travel is the norm, that underpins the new generation of travellers’ spirit for exploration.

Spreading their wings

While the previous generation of traveller confined their travelling ambitions to the occasional, short package holiday, findings from Club Med’s research indicates that visiting far flung destinations is now becoming increasingly common.

Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Morocco are just some of the exotic destinations that have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last decade, according to the findings shown in Club Med’s “Young in Age, but Wise in Travel” infographic.

While package holidays to Spain and Turkey still hold their charm for some, many feel increasingly unsatisfied with such a local adventure, preferring instead to follow their nose and dip their toes in the waters of the uncommon. After all, it’s a leap of faith that they’ve grown accustomed to.

A taste for adventure

In addition to the new generation of travellers’ willingness to push their own personal boundaries of comfort, it’s their taste for adventure that really makes them willing to part with their hard earned cash.

Young travellers are thrilled by chasing that elusive experience, with 74 per cent of young travellers stating that excitement was the primary motivation for their trip abroad, while the fact that, on average, young people are willing to spend upwards of £1,200 on a trip, speaks volumes about where their priorities lie.

The world just became smaller

Imbued with a taste for adventure, a desire to push their own personal boundaries and a willingness to spend accordingly, the new generation of travellers are also spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their prospective travel destination.

Club Med’s in-depth research and associated infographic, asserts that the internet and social media in particular, has given this new generation of intrepid explorers access to a wealth of information about any and every worldwide destination, while travel blogs serve to demystify the whole concept of being a traveller. Indeed, with a world full of possibilities and a smartphone at their fingertips, all it takes is one click to research, book and share the details of any adventure.

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