The Venus Factor Now Helps Women Boost Metabolism, Lose Fat

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The Venus Factor, one of healthy products from the Go and Get Healthy website, provides tips and advice on how women can boost their metabolism and lose fat.

The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor Now Helps Women Boost Metabolism, Lose Fat

A new metabolism boosting and fat loss program, The Venus Factor, has been launched and is now available online. It is designed for women who want to lose at least 10 pounds quickly. The presentation is led by an expert, John Barban, who explains why it is harder for women to lose weight. His tip allows for weight loss while one can still eat the foods they want.

Not a typical dieting and weight loss program, the free presentation has nothing to do with generic diets, cardio exercise, and other common strategies. Barban’s research into a weight loss supplement is covered, as are examples of success stories. He even details how he was inspired to pursue an effective weight loss strategy by his sister’s own health issues. In time, she lost 53 pounds.

Barban discussed the hormone leptin and its role in burning fat. It also speeds up metabolism. The presentation discusses why women have trouble using leptin while having more of it than men. Typical diets can slow leptin production, causing people to gain weight when on diets which actually cause metabolism to slow down.

Leptin levels, resistance to signals to produce it, and the evolutionary tendency for women to be resistant to leptin are covered. Untapped fat burning potential is also discussed, and a solution for resolving this problem is introduced. The Metabolic Override set of strategies is then discussed, leading to the introduction of The Venus Factor, a 12-week fat loss system.

A fat loss blueprint is provided, which will work for people with bad genetics, thyroid conditions, and weight problems. It is a solution structured around female metabolism, with proven strategies. Food cravings are eliminated and fat loss, decreased weight, and increased energy are the result. Foods that damage leptin sensitivity are introduced as well.

The video also introduces the virtual nutritionist, a vital part of the system that works to one’s individual needs. In all, the program offers an individual tailored strategy that is designed around how the female metabolism works. For more information and the full detailed presentation on The Venus Factor, go to Go and Get Healthy website.

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